Author Topic: First letter of Jerman to followers of Mithelin  (Read 315 times)

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First letter of Jerman to followers of Mithelin
« on: 27 September, 2018, 03:55:09 PM »
It was a grim morning. The fog was slowly moving, the climate has been chilling for the past week. It was still dark as sun hasn't risen yet.
Jerman was walking through streets of Beograd. Morning peace and quiet helped him to think better, so when there was something pestering him, he woke up before his servants and disappeared into the streets. This day was no different. He was pondering about common rule, how some people can get away with the most vilest acts, yet others will pay the ultimate price for same crime.
As he was strolling around Donava, watching fishermen catching fish, he was caught up with one of his servants. He dismounted the horse, and without words passed the scroll to Jerman.
He opened the letter and read the news about Fishing net of Mithelin being in hands of Albanian thiefs.
After reading it, he said to his Vlastela:
Gather people, I have announcement to make.
Will you address them from Kalemegdan's balcony?
No, gather them on forum in front of Church of Saint Sava. Order bells to stay silent this morning.

When the crowd gathered, looking around with puzzling looks, wondering what is the reason of all this,
Jerman approached the crowd, wearing only black robe with rosary around his neck. He stepped on a wooden box and addressed the people:

Serbians, citizens, believers! At night, the group of raiders stole the most sacred relic!
The Net of Mithelin was stolen from its mother - the church!
The vile creatures behind this act are no others than the vermin that has infested this beautiful world.
The Lianathas has been unchained from its iron throne in Gehenna and has settled in spirits of those
calling themselves Sicilians and Romans.
The war on Heavenly kingdom has been declared once more!
As in ancient times, we must also assemble the army. Army of Angels, willing to stop at nothing
until this disease spawned by Lianathas will be completely extinguished.
Those priests of Lianathas are using black magic. They can create silver out of thin air, they can spawn
an army of people without souls, moving and acting as single person. In the past, they have called most gruesome
storms that misguided our ships, making them roam the seas for six months, thus postponing the attack.
But have no fear, my dear believers, for we are of His flesh! Flesh that is thousand times stronger than their
soulless soldiers
For we are of his Will! Will that will persevere no matter the kind of black magic they throw at us.
For we are of his Life! Life that powers us everyday, healing our wounds, even if our priests are not there.
For we are His children.

Now rise, people! Let us march on the vermin pit they call Rome and let's do with those witches
what needs to be done - burn them! Every. Single. One.

With those words, Jerman stepped from the box and went to his quarters to draw up a pamphlet.

Followers of Mithelin!

For years Mithelin's laws allowed us to leave peaceful and happy life.
Priests of Lianathas disturbed that peace! They stole our most Holy Relic - the Net of Mithelin,
net which caught all the Lianathas' evil spirits, who can now roam freely through the world.
As upkeepers of Mithelin's laws we cannot tolerate such actions!
We must take our destiny into our own hands and rise up against the evil snakes!

Serbia will therefore march on the vermin pit to clean it with fire, if that may be.

Brothers, Sisters, join us in the most holy war!

Holy Mother!
I implore you to declare a crusade. Let us regain what is Holy and return it to Him.

Follower of Mithelin

He picked up the scrolls and said to Vlastela:
Deliver these all around our world. From Italy to Kiev, from Byzantium to Prussia. Let everyone read it.

And bring me my sword.