Author Topic: The Twists and Turns of a Lifetime.  (Read 1136 times)

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Re: The Twists and Turns of a Lifetime.
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Dear Euphemia, this isn't your imagination, we are here and you listened well my words. Since long they were carved in my throat despairing to come out and yet...duties, politics and managing affairs kept me all this time wishing for your presence and to let you know how much my feelings for you are true.

I gave one step forward and instantly I was facing her with less and 2 fingers distance apart, my eyes reached hers and she was totally disarmed by my piercing and dismantling gaze. Her arms once tight and tense became instantly lose and fell side by side on her torso, her lips spread slightly apart like they were coming in my direction and I could feel her body shake from excitement of all the feelings rising all at the same time.

Without any more thought I grabbed her and embrace her with my arms holding her close, approaching slowly like I didn't want to get burned from all her steamy temperature bursting through every pour or her body. Finally my lips which were cold by staying in the balcony too long meet her lips which were warm like a hot cup of chocolate sticking to the lips when sipping the first taste.

There was one final shake on her body upon my move and kiss and then her body totally relaxed and engulfed mine with all her might. I did the same and much time had passed around us though none of us mattered such tiny events. We were with each other and nothing else mattered.

Summoning by outside my door were ignored and I didn't even diverted my attention to reply back just people would realize either I wasn't there or didn't want to be disturbed.

Day passed and our bodies intertwined multiple times to both our bodies exhaustion. We dropped on the bed each holding the others hand and even though with our eyes closed we could feel each others lips smiling back at each other.

When we woke up it was around half day already and the banging started to be more frequent which probably was now out of concern that any other reason.

Euphemia was still asleep and such was the intense of our entanglement that her eyes continued shut as she was dreaming peacefully. The wind breeze came by the balcony and her pale white skin reacted with a shiver. How tender this moment of her body lying on silk sheets and probably by the first time so much has happened that she was so far in her consciousness to grasp all the commotion going on outside my chamber.

I went to bed to warm her skin once more and a new shiver occurred and this time it wasn't out of being cold but rather excited her body memory upon my touch became aroused and her body started to spill some fluids giving me the hint her body wanted more. I am no one to deny nature's demands and needs and so I obliged to her body and upon some moments of me being inside Euphemia her mouth opened slightly and some breathing stating to become heavier by my movement which made her moan -good morning my love... - I reached my chest against her back and kissed her softly in the ear replying - good day my love, all is well? - she nodded in a positive way and so we continued what our bodies demanded.

Feelings were trully there. The Lord of the feud couldn't imagine his life without her and he knew there would be a lot of resistance for all to accept such pick of someone to be my chosen one. All pity things that inside my feud were of no concern to me.

I hold her steady and two bodies became one and asked: did i answer clearly to your doubts?
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