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Alfred Avalon

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The Lancaster Festival of Steak
« on: 16 July, 2018, 05:34:21 AM »
This is an R.P. open to all people of good character and good cheer, regardless of character location.

Duke Alfred of Lancaster's custom was to raise cows. This particular set of cow farms presented a unique challenge for him. England got tied up in a war that had little, if anything, to do with England. As an official of the State, Duke Alfred's presence was required, forcing him to leave these cows in the care of a servant.

War is often the cause of much invention, and this war was no different. During the course of the campaign, a new discovery was made: cow meat is good for you, and it's actually quite delicious! “Now, after the war ends,” the Duke of Lancaster pondered, “these cows will provide a considerable amount of finest meats!”

The duke decided that a feast should mark a celebration of both the discovery of beef and the newly acquired peace. All people of good character and good cheer should be welcome. Alfred and his servants now begin the process of sending word throughout Europe of the merriment to be enjoyed and delectable steaks to be tasted.

“Perhaps we might even persuade the Summus Pontifex to come and bless the food. I am certain that steaks are a food that will be enjoyed for centuries to come!”

(RIP) Daxon Trufyre

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Re: The Lancaster Festival of Steak
« Reply #1 on: 20 July, 2018, 05:51:54 PM »
~Cornwall: 20 July, 1318~

Prince Daxon, not getting much sleep and constantly on the move, finally had a moment to enjoy some of his home made Brandy when a castle guard came and knocked on his chamber door.


The heavy wooden door swung open and the guard approached with a sealed parchment bearing the crest of Lancaster.

"Hmm... What shenanigans is ol' Alfred up to now?"

The guard began to answer that he had no clue when Daxon cut him off.

"It was a rhetorical question."

Abruptly, the guard stood at attention, then dismissed himself. Chuckling a little to himself, Daxon opened the scroll and read it aloud.

Festival of Steak!
Be there!