Author Topic: Celebration of wedding between Costanza Gonzaga and Jerman Nemanjic  (Read 225 times)

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Announcement of marriage
of Contessa di San Leo Costanza Gonzaga
and Prince of Serbia Jerman Nemanjic!

The wedding will take place in
Patriarchal Basilica in Kiev on 20th of May 1318 A.D.

All of our friends and acquaintances
are welcome to attend our ceremony
and feast in Beograd following the wedding ceremony

Isabella Este

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With great joy I inform all the italian people that our dear Duchess  Constanza Gonzaga, next Sunday, will marry the Prince of Serbia,  His Grace Jerman Nemanjic.

Costanza Gonzaga, in addition to being Our blood-bound as daughter of my father's sister, Ercole Este, therefore Our cousin, has been and is for us a sister, Our refuge in many days of tears and pain, depositary of our secrets , but also the companion of many carefree events, of chatter and laughter and today also our beloved daughter, wife of the Crown Prince of Our Consort, King Dusan.

Constance dedicated her whole life to the good of her neighbor with a sincere spirit of self-denial, never thinking of herself, nor of accumulating money or gold, nor ever complaining when the proclaims became enraged on her or on the Kingdom of the deceased King Montefeltro who cared so much for her too.

At this moment I want to express all my joy, which I believe yours too, for this very merry event that concerns her and I send to her, together with you all his beloved brothers and My sons, our dearest and most sincere wishes for an happy marriage.

Our congratulations also to the lucky Spouse, our beloved Son Jerman Nemanjic, whom I know, will know how to take care of her.

Constance and Jerman inviting you to the wedding, will be certanly happy to receive your personal congratulations.

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