Author Topic: Beginnings and Renewals  (Read 367 times)

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Beginnings and Renewals
« on: 01 May, 2018, 05:28:48 PM »
Alys lightly carressed the Golden mane of the Mare she rode as she viewed Valencia from atop the hill. So much had changed both inside her and in the Kingdom about her. The Ducal Coronet of Valencia sat heavily on her brow, a responsibility she had gratefully accepted when it was offered to her. She rode with ease now, for all that she had only learned to ride last year. With all the riding she had done it was either learn quick or be very sore!

She had spent much time time on the training of her body for both speed and agility. Part of the oaths she had sworn was to protect and defend Valencia. How could she do that when she was weak as a newborn kitten? Hours spent on the field had led to improvements in both but she still had a long way to go. Perhaps she ought to start Duelling? Surely she could learn much from such? Perhaps Berton would be willing to work with her? All she could do was ask.

Another point she was very well pleased with was the arrival of Clergy once more to Iberia. Her soul needed the litany of the Church the way her body needed food and her mind needed Knowledge. Time spent in prayer renewed and refreshed her as much as sleep did. However now that things appeared to be well in hand it was time to turn her attention to other matters. Such as the Pleasures of the upcoming Hunt!

Her lips curved in a smile as she thought of that indulgence for her. To take time away from her duties was a rare thing for her, but when the invitation arrived on her desk, how could she not go? Too much time of late had been spent in War and Duty. It was time for some enjoyment. To become better acquainted with other people and perhaps to find new friends. If she was being utterly honest with herself, she was lonely. She missed to companionship of close friends. She missed having someone to talk over the cares of the day with. She missed having a partner.

Perhaps it was time to try opening her Heart to someone again. Perhaps...
Alys d'Gris
Duchess of Valencia
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