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(RIP) Serhat Mizewur

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Motherlands or Orleans
« on: 14 April, 2018, 06:07:28 PM »
Serhat Mizewur's  words about Battle of Orleans        (Idea and some words copied from Namık Kemal)

In 11 April 1318,

I saw the French Army marching to Orleans . I saw ''Swordmens of French Army'' and Volunteer Swordmens without fear . Everyone of them had honour and support of French people . I wanted to join army but I couldnt joined to army . I had a big patriotic feelings for France . But this feeling wasnt for land this feeling was for people living on this land . After our army came back to İle-De-France they werent happy but I was happy for our living people and I believe our Queen Primula Maria Van Rossun started ''Reconquista'' for france . I believe France will take Orleans and more back with victory and defeat. France will be strengthened with unity of people. Hope for France never will be ended because France is freedom , peace , right for French people.

France is effort of our swords !