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About using Real Religions terms
« on: 29 July, 2012, 11:44:31 PM »
I want to remember to all players that religions InGame are not the religions of Real Life, even if some link to them is of course necessary to make the game realistic (not real).

In order to respect all players' faith, it is forbidden to use terms and names that are too linked to real religions and that are not explicitally used in the sacred texts.

The main example I have is the use of the name "God". While "a god" or "the god" (lower case) is a common word used for a supernatural being, the word "God" (with no article and upper case) is clearly referring tothe Christian God of real life.
So, the right term to use in the game is Theos, which is the god of Theologic church.

So from now on, the use of the word "God" and of other words of this kind will be considered as a minor offense (or a normal offense, depending on the situation and aggravating circumstances).

PS: I use this post to add that the sacred texts are still under revision (in one of the theological ones, God is still used) and they will need to be re-translated into English with corrections before publishing them officially.


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Re: About using Real Religions terms
« Reply #1 on: 30 July, 2012, 07:52:11 PM »
I've received some private messages from people who are trying to explain that "God", is a name used for most divinities in monotheistic religions.

Now, we want to underline that we took this decision in order to not offend anybody, Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever else.
If that is the name [the word "God" used as a proper noun] that monotheistic religions use, and not only Christian, then it is a stronger reason to ask you to not use that word.

Using Theos (that is the name of the Theological god) is not difficult and even more into "roleplay" than referring to God.

What we want is that you use the words that you can find (well, you will find) in the sacred texts.

As usual, common sense should lead us.

PS: as I answered in a topic, we can say the same for "Devil" and "a devil"...and we suggest to use "Eldiavolique", that is the name of the main devil in Theologic religion.