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« on: 05 April, 2018, 05:38:47 AM »
Role play: we are not interested in it, We will change the denomination of the game on the home page if this is misleading. We bought the rights to publish the game because we like the player tactics, strategy, logistic planning and see how the players adapts to mechanics (in the right way, not exploiting them :) ). If players wants to role play on forum, it's fine for us but it's not our cup of tea.

Seeing the game deteriorating rapidly during the last months and noweven hving to learn that community, roleplay and the "community driven" game I used to love and support are not valued and obviously not wanted anymore, I simply cannot and don't want to continue my work as neutral and objective mod anymore.

I thank Sunchaser, Mastro and their team for all they did in the past, ME was a real pleasure off the mainstream RPGs.
I also thank Moonchild and all mods who invested their free time in trying to keep the forum a nice place.

Thanks to all of you who more or less respected my job here.

Not sure if a new mod will be needed. As roleplay is not wanted anymore, the forum probably soon might become obsolete.

Goodbye guys, I will surely miss some of you. Have fun everyone and take care.
I ask any admin or mod with respective rights to delete the forum account CrazyToe. Thank you.

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Re: goodbye
« Reply #1 on: 06 April, 2018, 10:01:24 PM »
Thank you for your effort Crazy Toe, sorry to see you go. You have been extremely professional.