Author Topic: England's Diplomatic Policy. 09-Mar-1318  (Read 467 times)

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England's Diplomatic Policy. 09-Mar-1318
« on: 09 March, 2018, 07:00:56 PM »

We are working to try to once again become a World Trade Hub. I am working myself and with the Vassal of London to make available tools and goods at a flat 2% tax and my Government Official's. to help bring basic goods, back to London, and expand working areas in England.

Since I have been King, I have worked to bring Peace to our Ravaged Kingdom.
My focus has been mostly internally for the Above Goals.

I have closed all rooms, and do not speak in any private groups. I am not part of any Back Door movements. Everything I am doing is open to ALL. England has suffered enough turmoil so I try to keep a transparent Reign.

I do not wear a Crown, as I have yet to earn one from the citizens of England. I am a Working King in Title only. Trying for peace and stability for England and it's citizens
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Re: England's Diplomatic Policy. 09-Mar-1318
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Daxon Trufyre read the words of the King and sighed. The King had been one of the first people to reach out to Dax when he arrived in the kingdom, even before assuming the throne. Dax had learned his countries history through the stories of the elders and with this knowledge, Daxon had formed a bond and friendship with the new King of England. Even though he hadn't been around long, everything that Daxon did was for the Kingdom. He chopped wood to help fund construction projects, he produced and practically gave away everything that he made. Daxon was proud of the direction the Country was going.

He faced the bulletin board where the Kings missive had been pinned and pulled out a charcoal pencil. On the missive he wrote four words.

You have my vote