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Passing of Ioans de Tata
« on: 28 December, 2017, 12:19:50 AM »
She walked through the Cathedral covered and Veiled in Black. Ioans and herself may have lived separate lives for the last part of their Marriage but he was still owed this respect from her.  The last six months had been an aberration from the good and virtuous man Ioans had been. She would choose to honor the man she had fallen in love with.  Approaching his coffin where he was laid out in state she crossed herself then knelt. He where to start. Insteadart and mind were so full, but she knew not how to find the words. Instead Images dances through her mind....

When the met and conversed for hours on end....

When his eyes lift from his desk at Barcelona and lit up seeing her standing there grubby from her arrival. He had swept he up into his arms uncaring and held her close...

The night he had taken her out on his ship and they had sailed in the moonlight....

When he asked her to be his wife  and she had joyfully accepted...

Their wedding day...

When she had told him she carried their child...

Alys would choose to forget all that had happened after that. Forget that she had reached out to him a number of times only to be met with his silence. She had hoped to shock him out of his silence by asking for an annulment of their marriage, but not even that was enough to bring him out of his silence.

She wondered what he thought of who she had become, if he knew just how much of what she was had been learned from him. Now all she could do was pray for him and ask the Teos guide her.

Alys hoped that others would join her here and share their memories.
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Re: Passing of Ioans de Tata
« Reply #1 on: 28 December, 2017, 11:55:31 AM »
Its an unofficial visit and i headed to the Cathedral with a black cloak to cover my recognize

I am here, just to escort a friend to his last residence, where his body will remain for ever, his body is made by sand and water and will return to the Creator but his soul will hover above us for ever,

Ioan's words will stay at our minds, his bravery will ignite our hearts, his ideas will remain to be accomplished

Ioans de Tata wasn't a low profile typical noble, was an idealist and his choices proved good or bad but it was us that we failed him, Ioans never failed himself or his ideas, he was persistent until the end,

My condolences to Lady Alys de Gris and all his friends and supporters

From tomorrow Univercitas Borgiana de Valencia will move its administration and teachings at Pandidaktirion of Constantinople and from new academic year a new lesson will commence and will be called Ioan's de Tata Latin studies

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Re: Passing of Ioans de Tata
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Sadly I never had the pleasure of conversing directly with Lord De Tata, after all I had just appeared in the world when he had already started the final phase of his earthly path.
Yet, what dies in the body survives in the Spirit. And the spirit of Ioans was so generous to leave us with many testimonies of his intellectual work. For this reason, today we pay tribute to one of the greatest scholars of all time.
Rest in peace, Beatae Caterinae anuli anulifer.
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Re: Passing of Ioans de Tata
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Berton sat down in one of the last counters, near the doors.

He recalled lot of fun moments, interesting conversations, then the marriage too.

What the hell got you, my friend? You had been one of the best here, before starting your conspiracy.
Was it my fault? Did you thought that I was going to betray old friends for a new one? I hope not, but I still have this doubt, and I can hardly take it off
were the sad words that he murmured.

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Re: Passing of Ioans de Tata
« Reply #4 on: 29 December, 2017, 12:53:22 PM »
The black cloak. The white cross. The mountain of armoured flesh. This was Ramon Muntaner, standing taller than all others present in the Cathedral. Strong, determined, redeemed. Captain Muntaner, no longer lieutenant. But he always would be, to the man they had all come to bury. The faces of men are plentiful, and only now was it apparent. Those who loved him, who cursed and betrayed him, who followed and disappointed him. All of them gathered here to send him off, to honour his final journey into Our Lord's heavenly domain.

He recognized many faces in the crowd. Old friends, old enemies. A strange void lay heavy on the air, and not solely here in the holy chambers. Everywhere. The old commander had fought many wars, done many things, traveled through countless kingdoms and provinces. He had set off when he was but a young man, and his journey seemed far from over still. Yet there was void. The world was larger once, more plentiful. There was conquest and glory, ambition and sorrow. There were great things, great things done and great things to be done.

This was no longer so. First Ioans, and then his love. Pure and fair. Two gaping holes in the world, bleeding pitch black. There was less in it now, there always would be from now on. Every new experience would be lacking. Every fond memory a thousand spears rammed into his back.

He did not dare approach, for he might have very well wept. Wept for Ioans, the greatest man he knew. For his beloved lady Aria, whom had carried a part of his soul.
He still breathed, did the plated giant. Breathed heavy and long. Breathed, living though dead. For all he knew had been taken from him. All his wants, all his hopes crushed beneath the blackness of the world.

Torn asunder, Captain Muntaner endured. Mutilated, Captain Muntaner remained. Suffocated, Captain Muntaner wept.

More than this scarce could he die.
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