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A Christmas Visitor
« on: 23 December, 2017, 08:53:09 PM »
It was during that quiet lull between masses inside of the Church in Ile de Paris,

The Chaplain, Ms. Calrita Borgia, was busying herself with a task in the back of the church's sacristy.

One of the newest/youngest sisters came rushing into the room accompanied by another more senior sister.

'M'lady Borgia, ... Mistress Borgia ... 'Mother Borgia" ... the young servant of Theos was stammering over her words, unsure of how to properly address her.  All the while it being clear she was very excited.

Once calmed, 'somewhat'  she began.

It is the strangest thing.
As you know we are between masses.  But being this time of year, we welcome parishoners in at random times for silent prayer
Well this man wearing tattered hooded robes entered and sat in one of the back pews.

The older sister chimes in "I thought him to be a beggar, a bit big in the shoulders, but maybe a forlorne traveler perhaps."

Well ...  the younger sister starts again,
After silently sitting/kneeling and praying for about an hour, he got up and headed towards the exit.
Seeing a box remaining in the pew, I picked it up, 'gesturing to the hefty package in her hands'.
I was able to catch up to him by the entrance, but he only muttered that it wasn't for him, and that I should read the note.
The confused sister pointing to a small scrap of paper affixed to the box.

The older sister at this point chimed in, 'At least he spoke to you', at the front door, he put a few pieces of silver in my tin for charity.
I didn't see his face, but I almost think that he had some type of armor (chainmail) underneath those tattered robes.


if, the note is read, it simply reads.
"To Lady Carlita Borgia,
The great spritiual voice and heart of France.
May this gift find you well this time of year,
Happy Holidays."

Yet instead of having a signature there are but 2 symbols below
One is the French fleur de lis
and the other is of a flag, that once belonged to the Papal Guards.

Upon opening the box, one would find a newly printed holy book - bound in leather with a silk ribbon and gold inlaid writing.