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Scroll of December, 1317.
« on: 16 December, 2017, 01:39:28 PM »
          Greetings! This is Kent Spaggiari, current king of Prussia. I decided to start to publish Royal Scrolls. The purpose of them is to inform residents of Prussia about events that will take place, diplomatic changes and information on kingdom management.

   Right now, Kingdom of Prussia belongs to Coalition of Kingdoms where Patriarchal fate is on a government levels. The Capital of Patriarchal fate resides in Kiev, Grand Principality of Kiev. Right now Kingdom of Prussia take active part in "Holly Crusade" against Pagan religion. In this Crusade we follow the word of Deus Who speaks through Grand Prophetess of Patriarchal Church, Elizara Gray. "Holly Crusade" is not the only driven force for War where we will take initiative in a future. There might be different reasons.  The other part in the Prussian Hostile diplomacy are Raids. Raids are not associated with any religious movement. Targets for Raids are choosen based on information of its wealth and military power. Of course, Kingdoms which practice Patriarchal fate on the Government level are exempt from Raids. Deus protects them.
During Winter Holidays all Hostile actions will be frozen unless we have to answer to a Hostility towards Prussia or our allies.

   Its been a while since any changes were done in Prussia. I gathered some information and continue gather it on things that need to be done in the Kingdom. The list can be extended during December.
So, during the following month:
   1. Markets in Prussia will be supplied with essential products. At the moment Prussian markets looks bad in my opinion, they are missing many good items.
   2. Some reformation in vertical of authority needs to be made by giving more options to choose to the residents of Prussia.
   3. New page for Noble Titles of Prussia will be open.
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