Author Topic: [RP] Words are not blown away by the wind but rather create realities.  (Read 538 times)

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Once upon a time there was a warrior who was very dexterous with the sword and at the same time, haughty and arrogant. In some way, he only felt important when he killed an adversary in combat and, for this reason, he was always looking for occasions to challenge someone for the most trivial reason. It was in this way that the warrior held onto his idea, his concept of himself, his ironclad identity.
On one occasion, this man arrived at a village and saw that a crowd of people were all going towards a particular place. The warrior halted one of them and asked him, “Where are you all going in such a hurry?” “Noble warrior,” answered the man, who probably feared for his life, “we’re going to listen to Master Agathon. ”
“Who is this man Agathon?”
“How is it possible that you don’t know him if Master Agathon is known throughout the region?”
The warrior was made to feel stupid by this villager and he noticed the respect that the man felt towards this so-called Master Agathon and that he didn’t feel for a noble warrior like himself. He then decided that this day his fame would outdo Agathon’s and so he followed the crowd until they arrived at a huge ranch where Master Agathon was imparting his knowledge.
Master Agathon was a short, elderly man for whom the warrior immediately felt great contempt and barely-disguised wrath.
Agathon began to speak:
“There are many powerful weapons used by man in this life, but for me, the most powerful of all is the word.”
When the warrior heard that he just couldn’t contain himself and he exclaimed in midst of the multitude: “Only a stupid old man like you can make such a comment.”
He then took out his sword and wielding it about in the air, continued, “Yes, this is a powerful weapon and not your stupid words.”
Then Agathon, looking him in the eyes, answered, “It makes sense that someone like you would have made such a comment; it’s easy to see you are nothing more than a bastard, an ignorant brute, a being without any intelligence and a son of a bitch. ”
When the warrior heard these words, his face reddened and with his body tensed and his mind outraged he moved towards the place where Agathon was.
“Old man, take leave of your life because today it ends. ” Then, all of a sudden, Agathon began to apologize.
“Forgive me, great man. I am just an old, tired man. Someone who, due to his age, can have the most serious slips of the tongue. Will you be able to forgive this fool, who in his madness has injured you so, with your noble warrior heart?”
The warrior stopped short and answered, “Naturally, noble Master Agathon. I accept your excuses. ”
In that moment Agathon looked him straight in the eyes and told him, “My friend, tell me now: are words powerful or not?”
Words are not blown away by the wind but rather create realities. Search for words that help and do not nullify. Perhaps you ‘ll be surprised by what begins to happen.