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Alexandros Kokkinos

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[RP] The Three Friars
« on: 29 October, 2017, 04:58:27 PM »
Companion with me were three Friars who traveled with the object of entering into friendly discussion in order to prove they are the smartest people in the world.

When we arrived to Epeirus, where my Emperor send me for empire affairs, they made known their desire to prove their cleverness, the people of Epeirus, just because they wanted to get some fun out of it, recommended to have a discussion the four of us because they thought that his conversation will be delightful.

They decided to give a public dinner on the Town Square and invited me and the Friars. When the envoy arrived with the invitation, I at once got on to my horse with a stick in my hand and arrived at the place of meeting at the appointed time.

After the exchange of greetings and the usual prayer, we entered into conversation  “ Well,” I said, “ I think it would be better that I should answer their questions first and afterwards we will enjoy ourselves. What can I do for you, ye Friars? Let me hear what it is you wish to ask.

The first Friar said, “ Sir! Can you tell me where is the center of the earth? ”
I pointed with his stick to the fore-foot of my horse on the off side. “ There it is,” I said, “ just where my horse is treading.”

“ How can you know that ? ” cried the Friars. “ Well, if you don’t believe me, measure ! ” I said. “ If it turns out to be an inch too little or too much, then you will have a right to talk.” The Friar did not know what to say and drew back.

Another Friar came forward and asked, “ How many stars are there in the sky ? ”
“ Exactly the same number as there are hairs on my horse,” I said.
“ How can you tell that ? ” asked the Friars.
“ If you don’t believe me, count,” I said. “ If they are found to be one too many or one short, then you will have the right to find fault.”
“ Is it possible to count the hairs on a horse ? ” they asked.
“Is it possible to count the stars in the sky ? ” I answered, at which the second Friar felt that he had nothing to say, and stepped aside.

Then the third Friar came forward and said, “ Well, Kokkinos, tell me how many hairs there are in my beard ? ”
Without the slightest hesitation I replied, “ Exactly the number of hairs there are in my horse’s tail,”
“ How can you prove it ? ” asked they.
“ Quite easy ! ” I said. “ You will pull out one hair from your beard and one from the horse’s tail, and if at the end they don’t tally, well, then you will be right and I will be wrong! ”

Gregorios Kantakouzenos

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Re: [RP] The Three Friars
« Reply #1 on: 29 October, 2017, 06:45:30 PM »
I woke up early and was nervous after a dream

"Oh my Deus, i must speak with the astronomers..."

I knew that chartophylax Nikephoros Gregoras was working on a project to change the Julian Calendar with new mathematics corrections based again on equinoxes and solstices.

The room was full of scientists and students, many of them Deus diakonoi and presbyters and when they noticed my presence, they standed up and stopped their work, i told them to continue and moved to chartophylax's desk.

Good morning my Despota, can i update your imperial highness about our progress?

I listened carefully what chartoularios said, trying to answer my dream's question from his talk, but no luck, so before leave the room i made the bold move...

I changed my tone to more serious and made the question

"According the Chioniades letters the earth, sun and night stars are planets, can we use a mathematical formula to count them ? "

Its impossible my Despota, they are infinite...

"Our Deus told us that He is Alpha and Omega and the stars must end somewhere, they are not horse hair impossible to be counted one by one..."

Its human impossible to be counted my Despota, the wills of Deus are strange...

"Thank you chartoularie..."

When i left the room, i thought that the quantity of the excellent red wine from Makedonia i consumed last night was the source of my dream's question.