Author Topic: A Roman soldier in Forcalquier [short RP text]  (Read 492 times)

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A Roman soldier in Forcalquier [short RP text]
« on: 10 December, 2017, 04:24:08 PM »
       I am standing in the top of the castle of Forcalquier. Its another boring and lazy night, pretending to be fulfilling my guard duty. Usually, I am lost in my thoughts, mostly thinking of how I avoided death in the battle of Vallais. The Savoyards are excellent battle warriors and truly adept with the use of their swords and shields. Tonight however, the night is different. The stars are bright, and the town of Forcalquier seems lively. I can hear echoes of footsteps, and wary murmurs. Some soldiers are unrest, anxious of the following day and the battle it will bring. Most of them however, are calm and confident. Having exhibited our powerful prowess over the lands of Vallais and Forcalquier, many of us believe that there is nothing more to fear.

      Not many days have passed since we took over this castle, disarming the remaining Savoyard guards, only to find a well decorated and tidied castle with the crest of Savoy dominating the main hall. We quickly ripped their flags off replacing them with ours, littering the place with our clothes, swords, axes, shields and armors, living in a very disorganized way. Then we stormed into the wine cellar, murdering the local bottler who attempted to stand in the way and over-consumed most of the available wine. We came upon an inscription which read “Bordeaux”. Few, if none of us could understand French letters, and consumed the rest of this fine wine underappreciating its true value.

      Every day a small amount of military force gets out of the castle to march into the streets of Forcalquier. They said this is to remind the citizens of their new authority and discourage revolts by the Forcalquier residents. Soldiers would hear the occasional mocking comments by the residents. “Get out of here, patriarchs”. “Away with you, peasants” our soldiers would reply. It is fortunate that we avoided any further confrontation, mostly due to the citizen’s hesitation to provoke such a huge, well-trained force. Then, after the march, a soldier visit the town’s baker every day, using various.. persuasive methods to make the baker supply the army with a decent amount of bread, for free.

      Finally, the night have passed and a single sunbeam awakens me from my trippy semi-sleeping state. A few minutes later the sun rise and the new day reminds me of today’s expedition. A soldier screams, out of sudden “Now we march to Dauphine”, looking happy and thirsty for battle. The rest immediately cheered and hailed, welcoming the idea of a new possible battle. I laughed and cheered as well, forgetting for a moment the imminent chance of death or the difficult life of soldiery, viewing at the eyes of my fellow warriors this very thirsty spirit for battles and conquests that is needed in order to overwhelm your opponent and crush him to death!
The castellan immediately ordered us to equip our armor and weapons and begin the preparations to leave the castle and the city, and as we were exiting the castle we noticed the horrified residents of Forcalquier rushing into their houses terrified by the bulk of our army exiting the castle. Could they expect an act of aggression from us? A plunder of their possessions? Yet none of these happen, as we passed through the town marching into a new adventure. Looking back, I could clearly see joy and happiness in the faces of the locals, as they reclaim their freedom, not under Savoyard, but under Serbian rule this time.

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