Author Topic: 1st Manuscript (scroll) Contest of the Order of the Serpent # 1318 - Canceled  (Read 667 times)

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The Order of the Serpent, house and bosom of those who write, copy, bound, study or collect books and manuscripts [scrolls] (IG), invites all copyists to submit their manuscripts copied and bound until 1318.

Manuscripts should be published in reply to this topic from our anniversary day (25th november) until December 31, according to the manual prepared by the Emerita Thekla Argyra (visit in our Office:

Between January 1 and January 31 1319, members of the Order may cast their votes (in reply to this topic, ergo «I vote on [name of the scroll]») in accordance with this rule:

- the vote of the Emeritus is worth three (3);

- the vote of the Magister and Maecenas is worth two (2);

- the vote of the Discipulus is worth one (1).

On February 1, 1319, by simple counting, the first three awards will be determined: 1st («Golden scroll»), 2nd («Silver scroll») and 3rd award («Bronze scroll»). The excluded scrolls will be listed as honorable mentions in the final post of the contest.

There will be no pecuniary (money or other) prizes in this first contest.

You are free to vote or abstain.
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