Author Topic: The Beauty Arcoss the Sea  (Read 629 times)

(RIP) Pierre Du Vallon

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The Beauty Arcoss the Sea
« on: 29 October, 2017, 10:26:58 PM »
   Mr. Pierre du Vallon casually took a bite of smoked fish from the plate in front of him as he stared out at the sea.  While the crew went about loading his heavy crates of metal works aboard ship, Mr. Vallon sat at the rear deck of the ship.  Settled on a small wooden stool in front of a makeshift desk laden with papers created by laying a board across two uneven boxes. It was to be a short but necessary journey.  Departing the port of Guines, with stops along the way in Saxony, Denmark, and Prussia.  Along the way, he would hopefully disperse some of the second-hand arms and armor that had been cluttering up his armory, and hopefully gain a small amount of silver.
   Watching the people coming and going around him --- The older captain was short of stature and heavily balding, but a kind and able seaman.  Mr. du Vallon, lightly chuckled to himself as he remembered how concerned the captain was upon his arrival going out of his way to please such a noble.  In fact, it had been quite the challenge to convince the captain that while he was the Constable and Guard Captain of France, that he didn't want all the fineries, but simply an area to write, and a bunk in which to sleep.  When Mr. du Vallon took a simple meal of smoked fish, and hard biscuits, the captain practically broke.  Insisting to at least give him a fine strong beverage from his private reserve.  Not wanting to offend, Mr. du Vallon had accepted, but hardly touched it, not wanting to cloud his judgment.
   As Mr. Vallon sat there he absentmindedly shifted his glance from sea to shore.  There in the city of Guines stood his latest acquisition.  A large villa overlooking the coast; though at this time, it probably reseembled more of a compound than a home.  Having spent much of his time in Paris (Ile de France), he had only afforded to send a few of his personnel there.  Why make a home so far away from the capital, the nobles would gossip.  But that was his very reason.  He wanted to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of court, and the sea like a serenading siren, constantly beckoned him.   It was at that moment that Pierre awoke from his stupor being induced by the rhythmic slapping of the sea against the side of the ship.  Casually tossing the remainder of his rock hard biscuit into the water, he thought 'well perhaps, on this trip I can obtain some good meade for I now have a cellar that needs stocking', he said with a smile.
   It was then that the captain approached, if everything be to your liking, we should be setting sail in short while.  Is there any post that you would like me to see gets sent by courier.  As the captain took the small pile of sealed correspondences, he said

"My apologies for speaking out of turn, but what was her name?" 

"What ? Mr. du Vallon, answered with a start".      

"Oh, nothing -- but only a fair lass, could cause such a weary head"

Mr. du Vallon, smiled, there was one fair beauty in England.  "But courting from afar is easier said than done."

The Captain smirked "Aye, matters of the heart are never easy, but trust me when I tell you that the Canale-Inglese-Orientale is not that far.  Besides faint heart never won fair lady."

You are right, Mr. du Vallon said smacking a decisive fist on the deck railing.
Quickly returning to his villa, he grabbed a small box and hurried back to the ship.
Inside the box was a ladies hat, made by a noted craftsman, which he had purchased with the plans of reselling.  With the box, he affixed a short letter.

To the splendid, Ms. Aiiane Grey,  Tower Guardian of Lancaster,

Much like the Queens and Heroines of old, your beauty knows no bounds
For it may lie across the ocean
I would make many a journey if it meant getting to know you.

While we have barely met, my hope is that you remember me from your visit to the grand tournament.

Your French Admirer
Pierre du Vallon
Viscount de la Roche

With that he gave the box and letter to a courier, and the captain set sail for the journey ahead.