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House Stark
« on: 21 October, 2017, 07:00:22 PM »
=== A Stark never breaks his oath ===

October 1, 1317
It was a winter morning. General Eddard Stark returned to the capital of Serbia and went to the Beograd Gladiator Colosseum.
He stood in front of the gigantic statue of the champion of the Colosseum, the first knight of Serbia, and his beloved brother, Cayleb Stark.
Even though the crowd could not recognize this military man at first, they busted in tears when they saw the Tsar Dusan Nemanjic.
Everyone kneeled before him to show their respect to their beloved Tsar.
The carriage stopped in front of the statue of Cayleb Stark where Eddard was standing. Eddard also kneeled to show his respect to his Tsar.
Tsar Nemanjic grabbed his hand and hugged him like a brother. He then gave Eddard the permission to deliver his speech. They both nodded to each other.
Eddard stood in front of the people.

" Respected fellow citizens,
Most of you haven't seen me before. But I believe you have heard my name before if any of your family members have served in the military.
My name is Eddard Stark, father of the six wolves - Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog and Ghost. "

The whole crowd started shouting,
" Edd! Our Edd!! "

It was out of imagination for Eddard himself. He spent his life in the winter. Never had enough chance to feel the warmth of his people!
He took a pause. Then he continues,

" Today, with the blessings of our Tsar, The second noble house of Serbia - 'House Stark' is going to be established by the four Stark brothers -
Chief of House Stark and the General of Serian Royal Army - Eddard Stark
First Knight and the champion of Serbia - Cayleb Stark
The Chief Royal Physician, the best chef of Serbia and your beloved doctor - Nuno Stark
Chief Guard Captain and the best clay artist of Serbia - Geralt Stark

Education, Warfare and Agriculture - the three vital elements of the backbone of the Stark family.
A house that will work with the people for the people. "

Eddard took a break. His heart was filled with joy after seeing the applause of the mass people.

" Inside the house, there is no royal blood or poor blood. By birth or by adoption, someone can become a family member of House Stark.
Being born in a Stark family will not give him any privilege to join the family meetings. He or she has to be recognized by the family to be a part of the house meeting. And after having the opportunity to join the family meeting to discuss about politics, economy and warfare, he must become an expert of any of the following within the first six months - Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligent and Charisma. And it means any of you can also be a part of this house if you have that willpower and dedication.

A Stark must never break an oath. The moment a Stark is found guilty of breaking a promise, he will no longer be considered as a Stark.
And today I am pledging my oath as the founder and head of Stark family to the constitution of Serbia and to the founding father of Nemanjic House - Dusan Nemanjic.
All Starks must keep this oath from the moment he becomes a Stark till the moment he dies. "

Many from the crowd started crying.

" A Stark may be poor or rich.
But whatever a Stark does, he must try his best to reach the pinnacle.
If he likes to treat the sick, he should be the best surgeon.
If he likes to teach people, he should be the best teacher.
If he likes to farm, he should be the best farmer.
And when he joins a battle, he must always remember that a real WOLF never leaves his ground!

These are the dreams and expectations of the founding fathers of House Stark. "

Nuno Stark, Cayleb Stark and Geralt Stark finally appeared in front of the crowd. They waived their hands. The whole crowd busted in shouting and tears.

Finally Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog and Ghost appeared. They slowly walked towards Eddard like the undefeated kings of the wilderness. Eddard hugged them and kissed them. All four Starks nodded to their king Dusan Nemanjic.

Nuno walked towards the crowd. Everyone knows him. He is their beloved doctor.
Cayleb started hugging his old gladiator comrades.
Geralt went to Beograd barrack. He had to deal with few local crimes.
Eddard made place for his Tsar because the whole crowd was expecting few words fromt their father Dusan Nemanjic...
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Re: House Stark
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Tsar Dusan was happy that day as Eddard Stark was coming to Beograd to celebrate his house oppening. As Dusan was getting off his carriage he seen his man bowing in respect and he seen Eddard among them, Dusan show with his hand to Eddard to arise. As Edd stood up, Dusan hugged his great friend and whispers to him "congratulations you have earned this. Look how those girls are looking at you! It is your day brother, go and enjoy it"
Dusan smiled to Eddard and then stood behind and let Eddard hold his speach... Once Edd finished, Dusan felt that he should say something too so he walked next to Eddard and begin speaking.
"My dear people, I am glad to be with all of you on this day for this joyful occasion!
This military man next to me is my brother. Maybe not by blood, but he is a brother i choose! He is too modest when he say that most of you do not recognize him and I am sure there is no man who didnt hear about his deeds and wished to be him and no woman who didnt hear about his deeds and wished to be with him!" Dusan share laugh with his people and put his hand on Edd shoulder wanting to relex him with joke as Edd was a man of army and occasion like this make him feels uncomfortable.
"However as all of you know Eddard is my great friend for a long time and he did a lot not just for the army but for our country too! He deserved to get his own house so as you all heard I, Dusan of House Nemanjic, Tsar of Serbia and Veliki Knez of Cyrene have allowed oppening of House Stark, to be lead by Eddard Stark . May his House live long and prosperous life and long after our time that our two Houses stay united as they are now and keep bringing prosperity to our Tsardom and our people! "
Then as wolf was getting near Dusan since he recognized him as they know each other for a long time and shared many battles Dusan petted his favorite wolf, Ghost and looked back at his people
"Remember our words, Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava! (Only Unity Save Serbs!)
Now lets drink in name of Eddard Stark and his brothers and even tho its not planned we can keep mini tournament of bare fight (4-8 fighters) in honor of Eddard and his House Stark. I will pay the winner 300sc and grant him one of best war axes forged by royal smith and my nephew James Nemanjic. Winners of duels will also be given best Bulgarian brandy to regain their strength.

Those interested to share this fight in honor , approach to me...
As Dusan seen Edd trying to apply , Dusan held his arm Not you , not this time brother as this is tournament for you. Maybe your brothers may join , Cayleb is already known as very strong fella and so is Geralt. Let them do it and you and I will sit and watch while drinking wine.
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Re: House Stark
« Reply #2 on: 23 October, 2017, 09:18:31 AM »
After Dusan made that announcement Nuno decided to step forward to Edd and ask him if would be wise for him to participate, even knowing that he was not that strong or agile.
With the approval he asked to arrange some light armor and a morning star to try his luck.

And Nuno stepped forward to the crowd in his common clothes and pocket belt that held his herbs and bandages and the cooking apron in his shoulder, probably he was called in a hurry while he was making some cheese:

"May Deus bless ya'll my brothers.

As you well know I'm not a warrior, but this time I'll try my luck. As the House Stark is a family of strong warriors, I'll prove my courage, even knowing my foes will be stronger, I'll fight till the end, as any Serbian would.

In a short future I'll too be in the front lines, defending our lands, our allies, OUR BELOVED SERBIA!"

And the crowd cheers and cries, "FOR SERBIA".

"And don't worry, I'll still be your cook and healer, just with a bit more muscle," Nuno said it smiling and some laugh came from the crowd.

"I'm very happy to be a part in this great family, this great House," he turns looking at his brothers, Edd, Cayleb and Geralt, "We'll be together, fighting, celebrating and helping each other. I would call us 'the defenders of Serbia'," said that looking at Dusan and Edd, making a funny grin, "but I would need to get some approval first. And that's how I really feel, that we work to defend our lands, from foes, diseases, hunger and that's what we'll keep doing."

He looks back to his brothers and gesture for them to speak too, and excuse to the crowd, so he could run back to the family's Inn to finish his work.

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Re: House Stark
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Eddard Stark stood on the pulpit again.

Let's celebrate with a mini tournament!

Nuno Stark
Div Znidarsic
Jerman Nemanjic

Round 1: Nuno Stark vs Div Znidarsic
Round 2: Jerman Nemanjic vs Div Znidarsic
Round 3: Jerman Nemanjic vs Nuno Stark

Point System:
Winner: 3 points
Runnerup: 0 point
Draw: 1 point each

Final round: Highest scorer vs 2nd highest scorer

Prize: Champion will receive 300 silver

Rules: Prior to each round, contestants will decide among themselves which weapon and armor they would like to use.

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Eddard Stark

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Re: House Stark
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From Lecce Eddard is on his way back to the shore of Split. Unlike last few successful campaigns against the rebels,
this time his comrades observed his mysterious smiling face when the battle ended. Everyone became curious to know the reasons
while Eddard was scribing on his journal,

November 7, 1317

Battle of Lecce, Italy

" For the first time 3 Stark brothers are returning alive from a war zone outside of Serbian borders while our 4th and weakest brother is wrestling in the gladiator arena with courage. I was dreaming of a family like that for years but never imagined that it would happen so quickly. I am proud of all of you brothers... "

Eddard closed his notebook and started enjoying the dance of whale.
Eddard Stark