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Plague in Austria
« on: 12 September, 2017, 12:10:48 AM »
The church structures belongs to the diocese of the Cardinal of region PLZEN (His Eminence Pragr od Budweiss) and the bishop of region Liberec (His Excellence Istvan Hunyadi). That is why the whole event is documented in this diocese.

The course of the event
The infection broke out on 6.9.1317.
At the behest of the monarch (Freiherr Michael X.) all infected should travel to the quarantine region DRESSBURG.
Reactions of citizens in order, however, was too slow and although Reverend Esca Cerveza in Dressburgu started treatment on the same day, was infected another 12 people - a total of 13.
Eliana Medici reacted negatively to the offered pill treatment (Herbs and Honey infusion) and so arrived in the quarantine area too late to be rescued - she died.
After the cure of all the infected in Dressburg Reverend Esca Cerveza on September 11, 1317 returned to Vienna.
He found the infected citizen Mihael von Lusthal (more than 4 years old) who refused to fulfill even the direct order of the sovereign to travel to quarantine, and even against the will of the sovereign remained in Vienna. He broke the law of his country, and called upon him the anger of the sovereign who had put him in prison.
But before the authorities could put him in jail, he also infected me shortly after my arrival in Vienna to help solve this serious infection. In my attempt to rescue the rebellious citizen, the monarch described him as follows: "He is a pain in my ass ..." After his successful isolation behind the bars of the prison without healing, I started my own treatment. After my cure, I could only say that the plague was under control and the followers of our Lord Teos are in the safe care of their shepherd and the humble servant Reverend Esca Cerveza.

From this event, it is clear that when the first case of the disease is discovered, it is necessary to start the treatment as soon as possible and in the case of more infections, to bring them all to quarantine as quickly as possible. Until the infected one can cure by one of the clergy, he or she must guard himself for a drop in his health, and with a drop of less than 30%, he must take the pill. Then repeat this procedure until he/she is cured. Every citizen must go to quarantine immediately after the regulation, notwithstanding possible economic damage (loss of raw materials or death of animals)!
The clergy who finds out the disease must immediately inform the whole diocese of PLZEN through the church group and, if necessary, ask for reinforcements. For the treatment itself, clergy (patient) must have enough medicines and Health care kits for the simultaneous recovery of health. Thus, only one 50FP per person is consumed.

A) Report of Reverend Esca Cerveza
Ваше Высокопреосвященство,
чума разразилась в Вене 6.9.1317. Все, кто пострадал, должны собраться в Дессбурге по приказу правителя. Это заняло слишком много времени, и поэтому 13 человек заболели. Уже 06.09.17 я начал с First Cure. Из-за позднего прибытия Элианы Медичи и неприятия медицины она не могла быть спасена. 11.09.17 я вернулся в Вену. Один человек все еще был с Пестом в Вене, это отказалось приехать в Десбург. Она была заключена в тюрьму 11.09.17. Раньше епископ приходил на помощь. Все другие лица были освобождены от чумы. Таким образом, Австрия не имеет вредителей. Потребляемая медицина пополняется, но в Вене в Вене по-прежнему имеется достаточное количество лекарств.

С уважением

Esca Cerveza

B) Listing of my events
11-Sep-1317, 20:45   You have completed treatment. Istvan Hunyadi is now cured.
11-Sep-1317, 20:45   The treatment has been completed; you definitely feel much better.
11-Sep-1317, 20:45   You have healed from illness: Black Plague
11-Sep-1317, 17:42   You started curing Istvan Hunyadi.
11-Sep-1317, 17:42   Istvan Hunyadi started curing you.
11-Sep-1317, 17:33   All of a sudden, you start feeling unwell. You feel weak and unfocused, bluish swellings cover our arms.
11-Sep-1317, 17:14   You arrived in WIEN.

Bishop Istvan Hunyadi

11-Sep-1317 22:53

Regent of Bohemia

Wolfram Adelmannsfelden

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Re: Plague in Austria
« Reply #1 on: 12 September, 2017, 12:26:19 AM »
Thank you for sharing this report. Queen Giulia of Flanders also shared that there have been incidents of Plague in nearby regions. I am glad that you are well.

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Re: Plague in Austria
« Reply #2 on: 13 September, 2017, 07:03:14 PM »
This was a very informative report, Your Excellency.
The concern I have is whether the large number of infections is a matter of slow reporting or have we found a larger infection rate. Perhaps another alternative was a larger number of initial infections from rat-catchers who were bitten.

Is there any information good Bishop to explain these high numbers? I am greatly concerned.

It does appear that all the steps taken were very sound and prudent and should absolutely be an example to all. The cooperation of the monarchy in removing the disagreeable citizen is also an example all the clergy should learn to foster.

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