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To the People of Italy - CRP
« on: 23 September, 2017, 12:20:22 AM »
Harald was sat at his desk looking outside the window to the cloudy day. Air already started to become cold, the autumn was approaching rapidly so far.

Winter is coming... he thought. He looked at the letter he just finished to wrote.

To the People of Italy!

Italians, probably nobody of you cares too much of that, but recently diplomatic relationship between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Kingdom of Italy worsened dramatically and your Queen moved to consider the far north Sweden as an enemy.

The only reason to such a brutal move seems to be Sweden offered itself as a safe harbor for some People coming from the middle-east. These People seems to be good fellows, good ladies and men willing to find a suitable place to live in peace and prosperity, finding a place to call home far away from troubles and the darkness that seems to weight over Queen Isabella's mind.

Never Sweden threatened an Italian citizen, neither the Queen nor the Kingdom, its wealth and richness or its well known prosperity.

But Sweden is a land of freedom, a land that offers a second opportunity to those are willing to start again and, until our laws will be respected, we won't change that.

Proud and noble People of Italy, Sweden won't move hostile towards you. You will be welcome in Sweden whenever you desire to come to visit us for trading, or just visiting our lands to find new friends, and we'll be happy to share some good ale with you.

May Odin strengthen your hearts

Harald Magnusson
Kung av Sverige

Harald called a page My Lord? the young man replied. Make copies of this letter and send them down to main Italian cities through traveller merchants. Be sure no Swedes cross Italian borders, but we have friends that can do that for us. Ask them to fix those letters into the main squares, that all of them know we are not their enemy.  Yes my Lord, immediately.

Once the page was gone Harald stood up from his chair and moved to the window and thought How much foolishness power can bring to those not used to it...