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Members of Patriarchal Council
« on: 17 August, 2017, 11:55:47 PM »
The Highest Patriarchal Council (updated):

Her Holiness Grand Prophetess Elizara Gray, Primate of the Holy Church
His Highness Prince Jerman Nemanjic, Ambassador of the Holy Church
His Eminence Mitropolith of Serbia Nuno Stark
His Eminence Mitropolith of Hungary Alexander Gray
Her Eminence Mitropolith of Bulgaria Iskra Dalgemar Dulo
His Eminence Mitropolith of Byzantine Empire Nicholaos A' Mystikos
His Eminence Mitropolith of Kiev and Prussia Foma Brankovic
His Eminence Mitropolith of Walachia Viktor Yuriev (not officially appointed until the building of his Basilica is completed)

Regents of Patriarchal Kingdoms:

Grand Prince of Kiev Foma Bodin
King of Prussia Kent Spaggiari
King of Poland Alfredo Antonio
King of Hungary Valkon Gorthauer
Tsar of Serbia Dusan Nemanjic
Voivode of Walachia Bogdan Grigore
Tsar of Bulgaria Theodor Svetoslav
Emperor of Byzantine Empire Gregorios Kantakouzenos
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Элизара Серова, Великая Пророчица Патриархальной Церкви
Elizara Gray, Grand Prophetess of Patriarchal Church