Author Topic: Wedding announcement for Lord Marin Radosevic and Lady Catherine de Courtney  (Read 617 times)

(RIP) Lannea De Chaol Gleann

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Let it be known that I lodge, this day, the 15th of August, the wedding banns for

Lady Catherine de Courtney,
Lord Marin Radosevic, Knight of Monzon

The wedding to be officiated by Lannea Darling, Cardinal and Inquisitor of the Theological Church, Chaplain of Scotland, Marchioness of Sutherland and loyal servant of Scotland in the eight month of the thirteen hundredth and seventeenth year of our lord.

Both recipients meet the requirements to be married under the Theological faith and as such are to be married on said day.
Almighty Teos, no power can separate those you unite in your love.
Signed this the 15th day of August by mine own hand.

Lannea De Chaol Glean
Inquisitor and Cardinal of Theological Church
Chaplain of Scotland
Marchioness of Sutherland
Alba gu brĂ th!
Lannea Darling