Author Topic: Agreement with England, concerning salt mining rights  (Read 404 times)

Primula Maria Van Rossun

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Agreement with England, concerning salt mining rights
« on: 03 August, 2017, 05:39:23 AM »
From: Primula Maria Van Rossun
Sent on: 10-Jul-1317, 00:10
Sent to: Michael Soldano

I pretty much loss my salt mine, due to my negligence, so I ask in behalf of France, that we wish for the rights to mine salt in your country, any French citizen can mine salt in England.

In exchange, France will allow any English citizen to mine Coal in France.

Please Reply.

Thank You.

Queen Of France
Leader of Primula Maria Van Rossun's Trading Company


I am honored to offer you access to our salt mine.

One bit of caution though: Our mine is often depleted. If there is too much use, we may have to restrict it to English. But for now let's try it and see if it works.

Michael Soldano
King of England
Knight of the White Tower
Knight - Order of the Garter
Marquis of Warwick
Great Inquisitor


To the French Citizens

So please do not abuse and over mine salt there, I did my best to get mining rights there for French Citizen officially.

Primula Maria Van Rossun
Queen of France