Author Topic: Friendship between France and the Englsih Isles countries  (Read 398 times)

Primula Maria Van Rossun

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Friendship between France and the Englsih Isles countries
« on: 01 August, 2017, 05:33:15 PM »
I , Queen Primula Maria Van Rossun, wish to thanks you all to accepting my friendship and forgive me, for being late with this letter.

To Michael Soldano, King of England, were we met and become friend, during my time in Cairo, Malmuk, were we are both contenstant on the Middle Eastern Tournament.

I remember lending him a complete set of armor and weapon, were he return those back , after I reminded him, to return it, after the tournament.

To note: Michael Soldano, agreed to let France to mine salt in England, so long as decreed and that France dosen't abuse this, by overmining salt and disrespecting the law.

To Aviendha Althor, Queen of Scotland, were we became friend, even before my revolution.
She welcome me to her capital , treated with courtesy ,trust during the festival there  and had fought together, to defend .

To Annwyn Harlaown, Queen of Ireland, were we are a fellow countrymen or women , I wish for you to enjoy and never ever became a tyrant or lazy, wish for you to rule your fair land with dignity. I will allow Ireland to mine iron in Tourraine, provided that I cancel this at any time, if I feel this isn't what my advisors will agree on.

Take this , since I really wish to help you, when you had a native attack, I failed to go to Ireland on time and join the defends against the native.

I can only promise to these three countries, that France will continue being friendly with you, hope to become an unofficial allies.

I want again to welcome you all, for being there and giving me trust.

In the future,