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The Watchtower in Telemark;
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    The Seljord Watchtower is carved out of a single massive log 5 meters in diameter, and 30 high, cursorily smoothed and cured by the elements for some time.  It is supported by a cairn-hinge which is gigantic in its ain right.  Foliage finds a hold in its many crotches and only slightly-shewn branches so that the structure appears alive even hosting a murder of crows and one hawk in its boughs giving it the nickname Yggdrasilthing among the youth who do not recall a time when it was not there nor seen it bare.

    It is informally a military structure. Mountees, Post Carriers and Intelligence, as well as common traveler, constantly come and go.  It flies St.Andrew's cross, though its color is rather muted by the weather so that it's always gray, and pipes are drawn six times from sunrise to sunset - which can be fairly noisome in the brief day of a northern winter.  A Guardian, two Knights, and their attachment gets Two Hots and a flea infested bunk.

    The site is nestled beside the eponymous lake.  Mists harry and crowd the shores of Lake Seljord yet the Watchtower rises above them as they are low-lying. She resembles a torch in the night to some.  There are exactly 12 lamps inside which cause it to glow softly (even in the day) and from atop one can see all the way to Bergen beyond the mounds; farther than Skien and its harbor, and all the way to Sea.

    It was completed July 14, in the year of our Mother Maria, 1317. It was the 50000'th building ever constructed in the world.  Some of its contributors (and the time they spent at the task) were;
    • Ragnar Lodbrok   158 hour(s)
    • Norris Cairngorms   59 hour(s)
    • Aviendha Althor   41 hour(s)
    • Daniel Mcfinnigan   12 hour(s)
    • Ingrid Skjeggestad   9 hour(s)
    • Andriet Richileau   9 hour(s)
    • Richard Du Hainaut   6 hour(s)
    • Peter John   3 hour(s)
    • Berton Berton   3 hour(s)
    Sami natives launch attacks here a few times every year by mustering a few dozen of themselves and this occurrence usually arouses interest from the Mainland.  The assaults are generally considered amusing at worst, fun at their best, and are easily remedied by a Castle in the region.  Rumors prevail that a large force looms beyond the shadows at the edge of the map, however, and might one day overwhelm the whole of the civilized kingdoms.