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(RIP) Pierre Du Vallon

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Two Messages
« on: 17 July, 2017, 04:44:16 AM »
Pierre du Vallon awoke suddenly from his cot, an aide rushing to his side.  It had been roughly a day since he had partaken in the battle of Telemark.  And it was clear that he was in rough condition.  Coughing and sputtering, Mr. Vallon slowly positioned himself so he was seated on his bed. 

"No, no, you must rest and relax sir." a middle-age aide, and medic named James told him. 
"You were in a most serious battle.  Only earlier today was I able to stop your bleeding wound"

With a raspy dry throat Mr. du Vallon utter "paper, and quill"

"There will be none of that." James argued with a bemused smirk  "There will be plenty of time to write of your exploits when you get well". 

Leaning over, Mr. du Vallon grabs James by the front of his shirt.  "Paper and Quill" "Now"  "If not, my injuries will pale in what I have done to you".

James's eyes grew wide.  Seeing the seriousness of tone and mindset, he quickly sent for a scribe.  When the scribe arrived, Mr. du Vallon stated how he would dictate two letters.  A good thing, because most of his energy had been used up in that one threatening gesture.  Requesting James's temporary departure from the tent, he was soon alone with the scribe.

Lying back, and staring up towards the top of the tent, he began to dictate.  Unburdening himself from two matters weighing much on his mind as of late.

Letter one:

To a Master Aidan Gorey of Lancaster England,

Master Gorey, I hope all is well in your area of Lancaster.
Many blessings on your family and friends.

As I begin, may I apologize for my abruptness in this letter - your excellency.
For it is written from a medic's tent, here in Scotland.  Teos or 'whomever you worship' be praised, (this additional mention of other deities seems to have been edited into the letter by the writer)  The natives were put down.

The reason for my letter is for one and only one thing.
What is the status of Aiiane Grey?

Has anyone, your Highness King Michael Soldano, or even yourself included positioned themselves so as to seek her in courtship?
I believe my intentions to be revealed.  But should I be in the wrong, I do not desire to create a rivalry or place any conflicts upon our two great nations.  But I must know whether my dream has potential or if that ship has sunk.

Mr. Pierre Du Vallon
The Viscount de la Roche :
Constable of France, and Captain of her Majesty's Guards located in Ile de France.

Letter 2

To his honorable, Summus Pontifex

Your Excellency,

It is with deep understanding that I realize your attention has been called upon in many areas.
Whether it be with your dealings in Urbino.
Whether it be with the apparent troubling times in Valencia.
Or whether it be with the many of other tasks and duties that are thrust upon someone of your stature.

I write to you from a medic's tent in Scotland.  Where here I fought as one of your Papal Guards against the swarming natives.

I write to you now.  Asking but one thing.
For you to uphold your promise made so many years before inside a French church, to me. Find me an end to this black shadow that stalks me and my soul.

While the medics will claim for it to be but a fever dream, I feel it to be but more.  Things have been seen.  Darkness has been seen.  You once stated something to the affect that things would be worse or harder before they got better.

I seek your help and wisdom for the times ahead.

Sincerely yours
Mr. Pierre Du Vallon
The Viscount de la Roche :
Constable of France, and Captain of her Majesty's Guards located in Ile de France.

After the two letters were written, and properly sealed Mr. Du Vallon sent for two French aides to deliver them.  Of course, James objected, but soon silver was exchanged and the two message-bearers were off.  One on a matter of the heart, and the other on a matter of the soul.

(RIP) Alexander VII

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Re: Two Messages
« Reply #1 on: 24 July, 2017, 08:56:34 AM »
To Our Son and fellow French Brother in Immanuelle,
Constable Pierre Du Vallon,

  There is no greater worry to me than the risk of losing any soul to the darkness of foul magics or diabolical forces. Whether they were sought out willingly or thrust upon the victim by poor happenstance, I must oppose their theft of any soul that rightly belongs to the heavens. I have no less fear for what may become of yours than I do for my own, had I been imperiled by this curse instead. Deadly, serious Is accurate.

  I would come to Scotland in my person if I was less required where I am now. As it is, I am planning to attend you personally after this. Please seek shelter at the church that bears my former name, if you can or must remain in Scotland. Seek also the Priest and Archbishop of Scotland, Lannea Chaoll Gleann. She is a personal friend of mine. If you can travel or must then do so with news to me, please.

 We will meet again, this side of Teos' veil. It is in the Logos that I know this.

"vitam aeternam, fides aeternam, actio semper"
~Alexander VII~

Summus Pontifex - Theological Church
Archbishop of France and Normandy,
Comte de Reims,
Master of theology of Ancient Theological Church

Faith Defines All Things; their remembrances clearly defined make them living custom.