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Svatomir Brodnik

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Re: (ORP) A strange case
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Brodnik read the scroll of Gracia and scratched the long-cropped beard. Strange people people these Spaniards. They say that they are peaceful and protect those who burned Kiev and stole our relic. They say that they have freedom of religion and destroy our churches. Apparently not given me understand these southerners with their eternal Siesta..

Gracia Mendoza

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Re: (ORP) A strange case
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19-Jan-1319, 03:15:02   Elizara Gray excommunicated Laura Bestenotti. Reason: Human experimentation
Experimentation ??? Everything these easterns do is not for good purposes....
Laura Bestenotti - Public Profile   
   Grand Principality of Kiev
   Vassal KIEV
   Prefect BARCELONA
Role   Vassal KIEV - KIEV
since   16-May-1318
Born on   06-Feb-1318, 18:34:22
Born in the region of   KIEV
Residence   KIEV
Age   11m 22d
How young and unexperienced for such an honour... ;) unless .. :-X

24-Jan-1319, 19:16:56   The war between Kingdom of Rome and Kingdom of Italy is over.
24-Jan-1319, 19:18:11   Kingdom of Italy has declared war to Kingdom of Rome!  Again. It must be very tiring to be counting the days, hours and minutes for a war to finish naturally, to declare it again and again.  I thought that after 8 or 9 raids to Rome they would be satisfied
 Relentless behaviour. Human cruelty is this way. For so many, it is not enough to enjoy a victory or defeat the enemy; some need total annihilation, absolut destruction

About religious changes in Cyrene
28-Jan-1319, 15:41:02   The construction of the building: Universal Mystical Church - Mufti Palace a CYRENE has been completed.
03-Feb-1319, 16:24:03   Kerstin Mann - Vassal of Region CYRENE, has renounced the role.
03-Feb-1319, 16:25:22   Alessandro Borgia, Mufti Universal Mystical Church has named Kerstin Mann Grand Imam Universal Mystical Church CYRENE.
04-Feb-1319, 14:25:02   The construction of the building: Universal Mystical Church - Mystical Temple a CYRENE has been completed.

03-Feb-1319, 11:51:16   The Tsardom of Serbia has launched an attack to to Voivodship of Arberia! (Conquer, Region: DURAZZO)
But, was not Arberia already under the control of the patriarcals? I think that it was Bulgaria which conquered it...
Tervel Dulo - Public Profile
„Мойта чест се нарича вярност“   
   Voivodship of Arberia
   Achron Voivodship of Arberia
   Lord House Dulo
   Knight Drastar Cavalry
   Marquis Tsardom of Bulgaria
   Constable Voivodship of Arberia
   Duke Durazzo
Role   Achron Voivodship of Arberia - DURAZZO
since   06-Dec-1318

Born on   19-Oct-1314, 15:31:06
Born in the region of   TARNOVO
Residence   DURAZZO
Age   4y 3m 19d
Honour Points   37
Score   1055
Nationality   Bulgaria

04-Feb-1319, 22:26:01   Kingdom of Prussia conquered region BRAGANÇA - Kingdom of Portugal; see battle [Report].
The last portuguese region has also fallen. Only Lisbon is still free.
In this case, we were not even able to access the region of Braganca to fight for it, because after loosing Evora, it was surrounded by enemies. I know we cannot win against the beasts from the east; they outnumber us, and they are much much older and stronger. Their thirst of revenge is unstoppable.
Even if I know I cannot win, I feel I must be there, defending my homeland or my brothers´s land from the attackers. I simply need to defend my home, to fight until my last breath, until the very last moment.

Since kiev, hungary and neonormandy-prussia started the war against Portugal, Aragón and Castilla, to punish and exterminate the romans and sicilians, who escaped from their wrath, so many good friends have died. I really regret this. This saddens me so much!
I will always remember Klara Schwarperf and Father Guntram Kettler, Matilde Corsini and Tancredi Chiaramonte and specially Jordan Miller.
Other friends felt forced to leave to survive. So many newborns died as well, there are not many opportunities for them....

07-Feb-1319, 07:34:00   The war between Grand Principality of Kiev and Kingdom of Castiglia and Leon is over.
07-Feb-1319, 07:35:19   Kingdom of Castiglia and Leon( usurper krul vul) has declared war to Grand Principality of Kiev!
Not even two minutes later...this people must spend their lives counting, calculating, waiting....ready to act and follow their instructions.

Back to Albania...
07-Feb-1319, 07:52:04   Tsardom of Serbia conquered Kingdom: Voivodship of Arberia, the new Regent is: Vladislav Hrabar.
07-Feb-1319, 07:52:04   Vladislav Hrabar has been crowned Sovereign of Voivodship of Arberia!
07-Feb-1319, 07:52:04   Tervel Dulo, Regent of Voivodship of Arberia, has been dethroned!
07-Feb-1319, 10:27:01   Vladislav Hrabar, Achron Voivodship of Arberia has nominated Tervel Dulo Vassal (Region: DURAZZO)!
07-Feb-1319, 11:30:19   Tervel Dulo, Vassal DURAZZO ha revoked the role Drill Master DURAZZO to Ginevra Degli Almieri (Region: DURAZZO)!
07-Feb-1319, 11:30:14   Tervel Dulo, Vassal DURAZZO ha revoked the role Tower Guardian DURAZZO to Morgana Auditore (Region: DURAZZO)!
07-Feb-1319, 11:30:09   Tervel Dulo, Vassal DURAZZO ha revoked the role Guard Captain DURAZZO to Franco D'alvito (Region: DURAZZO)!
07-Feb-1319, 11:29:53   Tervel Dulo changed Goods and Services Tax for region: DURAZZO. Neutral: 100%, Friendly: 100%, Allied: 100%, Citizens: 100%.    Maldad pura. Obviously, the idea is that the albanian/arberian citizens can´t afford buying/selling in their only market and starve. (I wonder if this people really wish that so many players leave the game when their chars, blocked and without possibility to travel or to trade definitely die or enter into meditation
Kingdom's Residents: Voivodship of Arberia

Helena Basta   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Vladislav Hrabar   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Monsignor Tervel Dulo   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Tancredi Da Feltre   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Ernesto Frangipane   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Maria Topia   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Matteo Lubiani   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Marco d'Aviano   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Rinor Kastriot   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Franco D'alvito   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Ginevra Degli Almieri   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Morgana Auditore   DURAZZO   11-02-19   Offline
Karin Kola   DURAZZO   10-02-19   Offline
Lev Mihailovic   DURAZZO   09-02-19   Offline
Jakub Shpata   DURAZZO   08-02-19   Offline
Catherine De Courtney   DURAZZO   06-02-19   Offline
Edgar Ker   DURAZZO   31-01-19   Offline
Martin Illyrian   DURAZZO   28-01-19   Offline
07-Feb-1319, 22:06:34   Tervel Dulo - Vassal of Region DURAZZO, has renounced the role.
07-Feb-1319, 22:07:07   Vladislav Hrabar - Regent Voivodship of Arberia, has renounced the title.
07-Feb-1319, 22:07:18   Tervel Dulo has been crowned Sovereign of Voivodship of Arberia!
I play with you... you play with me... we both play alone...
07-Feb-1319, 22:08:03   Tervel Dulo, Achron Voivodship of Arberia has nominated Vladislav Hrabar Vassal (Region: DURAZZO)!

08-Feb-1319, 20:58:52   Vladislav Hrabar, Vassal DURAZZO has nominated Helena Basta Drill Master (Region: DURAZZO)!
09-Feb-1319, 05:40:44   Helena Basta - Drill Master of Region DURAZZO, has renounced the role.
09-Feb-1319, 05:41:59   Vladislav Hrabar, Vassal DURAZZO has nominated Helena Basta Academy Director (Region: DURAZZO)!
09-Feb-1319, 05:45:30   Helena Basta - Academy Director of Region DURAZZO, has renounced the role.
09-Feb-1319, 05:46:07   Vladislav Hrabar, Vassal DURAZZO has nominated Helena Basta Guard Captain (Region: DURAZZO)!
09-Feb-1319, 19:11:28   Helena Basta - Guard Captain of Region DURAZZO, has renounced the role.
09-Feb-1319, 20:40:40   Vladislav Hrabar, Vassal DURAZZO has nominated Helena Basta Drill Master (Region: DURAZZO)!
Helena, dear, take all the money from the structures, if there is something left...We don´t want the arberians to be able to study, train, or simply live.
I really feel curious about this characters ???
Vladislav Hrabar - Public Profile
since   07-Feb-1319
Born on   03-Nov-1318, 22:03:18
Born in the region of   BEOGRAD
Residence   DURAZZO
Age   3m 11d
Honour Points   2
Score   90
Nationality   Unknown
Last access   12-Feb-1319
Helena Basta - Public Profile
Role   Drill Master DURAZZO - DURAZZO
since   09-Feb-1319
Born on   14-Dec-1318, 19:52:36
Born in the region of   DURAZZO
Residence   DURAZZO
Age   2m 0d
Honour Points   0
Score   0
Nationality   Turks and Caicos Islands
Last access   12-Feb-1319
10-Feb-1319, 11:10:13   The war between Kingdom of Italy and Kingdom of Rome is over.
10-Feb-1319, 11:10:52   Eastern Roman Empire has declared war to Kingdom of Rome!
I can only say I admire the discipline of the patris. One rules and the rest obey blindly. I admire how they coordinate their movements. (It is not easy to log in at a precise timing to do this or that action, specialy if you work, have a family, children, etc) Due to the cooldown to declare wars, now it is the turn of the eastern roman empire to keep harassing and stalking the romans.

10-Feb-1319, 18:22:58   Morello Da Milano have declared a revolt against Isabella Este - Regent of Kingdom of Italy!  :o :o :o
Is this a real revolt?? A peaceful change of regency?
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