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Bishop's Palace in Moray
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The Bishop’s Palace in Moray was the second church to be built in Scotland to spread Teos’s light among His followers. It was built during a time of great strife and plagues, when resources and wits were in high demand. From the east, the threat of the Patriarchs was ever present, and from within the plague decimated our people. During this time a beacon of light shone from the shores of France in the priest with the name of Janus Valerius. As the plague took a foothold in Scotland, we turned to Janus who in his humbleness took it upon himself to heal any and all Scots that visited his shores. In short time, Queen Aviendah and Her loyal subject Lannea De Chaol Glean, organized the sick and sent them by boat towards the one parish in France that looked upon the sick of a foreign people with open arms.

Upon each subject, Lannea sent a blessings and a potion filled of violet.

"O Teos, Cosmosmaker who created the universe and rules the oceans; I ask you to take into your protection the sailors, and the ships they are on. Protect them from dangers and assaults from our foes, so they may reach the shores of France and there find your healing hand. I ask that all may return safely to enjoy this fine green land and all its blessings."

One by one, the Scots were healed and came back, able again to build with their hands great castles that will see their children laughter echo though for decades more.

For his single minded dedication and selfless gift of himself to our people, the name of Janus Valerius will forever be remembered in Scotland, and thus set in stone upon the entrance of the Bishop’s Palace in Moray, which now reads “JANUS VALERIUS BISHOP’S PALACE”.
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Re: Bishop's Palace in Moray
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I just wanted to add this;
Project History
The construction has been completed on: 04-Oct-1316. Time taken (duration): 21d 10h 18m 30s.  The following characters have contributed to the construction and subsequent improvements:

Lannea De Chaol Gleann   129 hour(s)
Kyle Graham   90 hour(s)
Magnus Von Holstein   86 hour(s)
Simon Holland   78 hour(s)
Aviendha Althor   76 hour(s)
Llywarch Mac Murchaidh   45 hour(s)