Author Topic: The Knights of Carrick - Order of the Queen's Garter  (Read 575 times)

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The Knights of Carrick - Order of the Queen's Garter
« on: 14 June, 2017, 10:23:46 PM »
The Vassal of Carrick is currently seeking 2 active citizens of Scotland to become Citizens of Carrick and rise to the rank of Knight.

The purpose of the Knights of Carrick is to assist the Duke to protect the Fief and aid the Realm in times of conflict.

Must have the following characteristics:
Dexterity ( 10 ); Strength ( 10 ); Constitution ( 8 ); Intelligence( 6 )
Will own a farm and a hut in Carrick if they do not already and put farm goods onto the market in Carrick at market prices for the benefit of its citizens.

Will participate in construction projects in the Fief of Carrick.

Are willing to be baptized into the Theological Faith. 

Will work to maintain a 90% faith level once a Church is built in Carrick.

Must be willing to travel and participate in combat on the part of the realm as called upon by the crown via the Constable of Scotland.

The following benefits will be offered to the Knights of Carrick:

The realm requirement of 100sc donation to the Castle of Carrick will be waived for the first two Knights of Carrick only.  Four Knights may be appointed by the Duke but the 100sc donation will be required of the 3rd and 4th appointees.

The Knights of Carrick will be equipped by the Barracks of Lothian with the support of the Duke of Carrick at a minimum with a full leather set (chainmail, strong leather trousers, light leather armor, boots), helmet, singled handed weapon of choice based upon availability and a wooden shield.

The Knights of Carrick will belong to the Order of the Queen's Garter and to the group The Yellow Shirts.

The Knights of Carrick who participate in the Training Ground and Academy skills advancement program of Lothian will be granted a matching grant by the Castle of Carrick as follows as funds are available:
30sc for intelligence, strength, agility and constitution.  Notification of collection of funds from the Duke of Lothian's (Fergus Waverly) program are required in order to collect funds from Carrick.  A scroll from the Duke noting the collection is expected.

The Knights of Carrick who participate in raids are entitled to a portion of the proceeds of raids conducted by the crown.

Below is  an excerpt from the Declaration of Titles and Appointments in Scotland as it applies to the appointment of a Knight:

As the backbone of the Scottish military, Knighthood is a title granted to persons of a martial nature for the purpose of filling the ranks of Scotland’s Army.  Each Vassal is obligated to appoint two Knights from their lands to the service of a Guard Captain supported by the Vassal.
To be a citizen of the Kingdom for more than 1 1/2 months (>45 days) or by waiver of the Vassal.
To have at least one hut and one field.
To assist the Vassal in more than one battle in service to the Kingdom.
To have all of these four attributes at the following levels: Dexterity ( 10 ); Strength ( 10 ); Constitution ( 8 ); Intelligence( 6 ) or seek to obtain these upon appointment.
Donate money or raw materials or weapons to the Vassal at a castle at least once
Has worked once for the Kingdom in some way (construction or administration).
Has and uses all the time common clothes.
Must be baptized into a Faith of the Realm and must accumulate 100 faith points.
Make a donation of 100 silver coins or 5 Gold Pieces or 10 skeins of Silk Thread to the Castle in which he or she is to be Knighted.
Application must be submitted by scroll to the Vassal with evidence supporting the above requirements and their intention for seeking the title to which applied.
The appointment of this title & the supervision of duties are under the authority of the Duke or Duchess.  Any title or role can be withdrawn if misused by its holder and seen as dereliction of duty.
A Knight of Scotland possesses the following Rights:
Has the right to be appointed for the following administrative roles should no Lord or Lady possess them: Prefect; Customs Officer; Lieutenant; Bailiff; Trainer and Assistant.
Has the right to seek equipage from a Barracks of the Realm supported by his or her Ducal Lord or from the vassal appointing.
Has the right to petition the Sovereign for Royal Title as Baron should title be available in their region and the Knight has intention of continuing their Knightly duties or has nominated an acceptable replacement for performance of their duties should they abdicate their Knighthood.
A Knight of Scotland possess the following Duties:
Has the duty to assist the Sovereign & all nobles in all affairs relating to war and justice.
Has the duty to respect all citizens and laws of Scotland.
Must seek to participate in any and all tournaments which are held in the Kingdom of Scotland should the practice of dueling become common again.
Should pray regularly to maintain a faith level of 90%.
May petition the Royal Palace for support of sustenance in time of military campaign in support of the Kingdom of Scotland and its allies.