Author Topic: The brief joy before the fall  (Read 613 times)

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The brief joy before the fall
« on: 13 June, 2017, 01:05:26 AM »
Mr. Pierre du Vallon, (the Baron de la Roche) had spent the last few days leading up to the tournament casually training in Cairo.
Each morning working on improving his constitution, and in the afternoon he would practice using the Fauchard with his assistant River.

If this tournament had taught him anything it was that he regreted having neglected his exercises as of late.  Not to long ago, he had been training seriously.  He had been seeing improvements.  But it was the shine of silver that had caused him to go astray.  One, than a second, than a third business dealing had become available.  Having never been much of a trader, the opportunity for profit had excited him.  He was able to buy a small stone house in the North of France on the shoreline, plus for one of the first times in his life he now had coinage readily available.  Yet it came with a slight cost, he was rusty and he new it.  After the tournament, between fulfilling commitments he had made to his Queen and the Summus Pontifex he knew that training would be his next area of focus.

Enjoying a drink in the tavern, Mr. du Valllon eagerly listened to all the news from around Europe. 

Suddenly to his surprise into the tavern walked his 'helper', the man nicknamed Boulder.

What are you doing here, Pierre commmented, "it is the middle of the day you should be at the market!"
"Who is watching over my wares?"

"All sold", Boulder says with a low voice and a sigh.

"You are kidding!" -- Mr. du Vallon was shocked.
"Even that suit of chainmail and that longsword."

"Those items sat at other markets for easily a month and  a half without selling."

"Well I got your asking price for everything" - Boulder said with a grin.

Buying his helper much deserved food and drink, Mr. du Vallon excused himself quickly to his wagon.

This had been the last thing that he had ever anticipated happening.
As of late, with a lack of nativist revolts, and most conflicts being somewhat smaller in size, the call for weapons and armor was lackluster. It was the lack of business that had caused him to focus so much on profit as of late.  In the last few months, he had actually made more from crafting tool parts than from military pieces.  In fact, his latest financial upswing,  had only come around because Mr. du Vallon had decided to take the risk and make some large scale trades with people far away from his homeland.

Mr. Pierre du Vallon had arrived in Cairo with a fair number of goods, hoping that combatants would maybe purchase one or two things.
Never did he expect it all to sell, or that fast.

Knowing it was against his better judgement.  He looked at the maps, and thought if I charter a fast ship, I can get more wares and restock the market before my match scheduled for the 12th.  Writing to his opponent Tervel Dulo, he informed him that he would be traveling but would be back in time for the tournament.

Leaving his followers in Cairo, Mr. du Vallon hurried back to France.  He made excellent time, and returning to his forge was even able to craft a few quick items. 

Regretfully, the return trip was not as smooth.  Having left later than anticipated, he got delayed in the mountains of Savoy, and it took him longer to get to the coast of Italy than he had planned. 

Trying his very best, but time was against him, he returned to Cairo moments before his scheduled spot in the tournament.  He had made it in time.  But having been unable to rest prior to his match, he was utterly exhausted.  Whatever chance he might have had at winning the first round was practically gone. 
Being a man of honor, however, he suited up and faced his opponent.  They fought for 4 rounds.

Having learned his lesson, Mr. du Valllon vowed to be more conscious of his situation and to not let greed cloud his judgement like that again.

He wrote his opponent a quick letter of congratulations, and then went to lie down.

Now it was time to rest. recuperate.   Then go out and cheer for his friends, and maybe make a few more sales with his fresh stock.