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(RIP) Pierre Du Vallon

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Before the Tournament
« on: 13 June, 2017, 12:08:51 AM »
Pierre du Vallon had arrived in Cairo earlier than most.
and arrive he did.
Entering the city as he saw it in the most grandiose of fashions.  (When it came  to trying to impress his social betters subtlety was not always his strong point.)

For on the morning of June 4th, two heavily laden wagons arrived along with multiple men & women on horseback.

Leading the small convoy, in the first wagon was a group of traveling minstrels.  Found somewhere between Savoy and Italy, this group of six musicians and performers had traveled across the sea singing and drinking with the French Baron. 

Driving the second wagon which was overflowing with armor and weapons was the French Constable, (Mr. Pierre du Vallon) flanked on either side by rather rugged individuals on horseback. 
Simply put Kings and Queens would have their entourages.  Knights would have their squires.
Being a French Baron, Mr. du Vallon knew that arriving without accompaniment would be seen as a social misstep.
Yet, the last thing he wanted was to bring along French soldiers forcing him to be on his best formal behavior.
So his solution: mercenaries or sellswords
He selected two individuals one man who was as large as a barn and went by the nickname of Boulder, and a quick younger lad named River.
Paying them both well, Mr. du Vallon felt confident that Boulder could look over his items destined for the market, and River would be a good tournament assistant.

After his most flashy of entrances, Pierre parted ways with his minstrels and being joined by his two helpers he headed for the nearest tavern.
It was time to strategize, discuss their plans for the tournament, and have a little rest / relaxation after a lengthy trip.