Author Topic: Tournament of Cairo - June 1317  (Read 572 times)

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Tournament of Cairo - June 1317
« on: 11 June, 2017, 06:45:07 PM »
Tsar Dusan Nemanjic has arrived to Cairo still shaken of all that wine he drunk at the wedding of King Vlad Staurov...
As he arrived in Cairo early for the tournament he decided to visit its surrounding and city itself... But since Dusan's spirit never sleep and he is always up to be productive as much as he can after he visited everything Cairo had to offer and seen that beautiful land and beaches he decided to visit centre of the city and first he go to the market... He found nothing interesting to purchase as prices in Serbia are lower than most things he found in Cairo... When he was bothered to look at the market any longer he seen tavern next to it...
Ah great! Some beer would be nice at this great heat in Cairo... Dusan could not stand the heat of desert land for too long... At least not without mighty elixir that most of people call beer!
He walked in the tavern full of people from all around the world as great tournament was held , city was very crowded... He buy himself and his guard a few beers and decided to carry on and see more of its beautiful , but somehow devasteted land... He seen training grounds , he came to see if there is something else he could learn in land so far away, but he found out that trainers here has nothing more to learn him and in fact they might could learn from him... Then he seen beautiful building , very big with many people around it... He asked one skinny man sitting on street which building is that, poor fella told him its great Academy of Cairo... Dusan flipped man a coin and seen smile of man's face, then he continued his way to Academy... Since its very old civilization they must have many things that man can teach from them, but when Dusan entered academy he seen enraged folk inside... He walked up to wise old man with gray beard
My respect old man, what is going on here?
Old man looked at Dusan with sad face and said how Academy is out of paper and even tho it have many scients it still can not advance and be procutive... Even now when Cairo is very crowded and they could profit from all people around the world they still did nothing to do it and did not use this business opportunity to increase their wealth... Dusan asked who is running Academy - Old man answered that nowdays all positions are empthy and people are left to themself... Academy doesnt have director, Training ground has no Drill Master, Castle doesnt have vassal and everything is going downgrade for the city and Kingdom... People seam very unhappy here... But as Dusan wanted to learn from them as he seen that most of people around seam very wise , he turned to his quartermaster How we stand with paper in our stock brought to Cairo? Run back to our camp and bring me some paper, I want to study and learn from those people when we are already waiting... And also bring little extra paper... Run!
His man run to camp and back and within 30 minutes he returned with paper and ink needed, Dusan handed it to the old man altogether with couple of silver coins... Old man bowed in gratitude with happy smile on his face...
Dusan enter to study for few hours and was happy with what those people teached him, he found out some stuff which will help him in future... They talked about philosophy of their people , about their understanding of commerce, politics and everything else and Dusan was happy with it and promised old man that they will meet again...
He get out from Academy and he was intending to visit other places like Castle of Cairo , but he heard enough sad stories for today so he decided to go back to camp and rest before his tournament fight tomorrow and he could not hide expressure on his face that he is dissapointed and he expected more from this exotic travell...
Guards lets go back to the camp , there is nothing else for us to do here... You two , grab more beer and get us some dancers, I hear that woman in Cairo have some special dance and I want to see it.
Dusan ride his horse and let dust behind him as he ride with gallop back to the camp...