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Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« on: 08 June, 2017, 11:28:46 AM »
King Vlad had been travelling west to improve his diplomatic and trade relations. It was well known that for the last few years in Bohemia the climate had been good and there was no war. The Granaries were full, and more and more barrels were filling with  delicious Bohemian brandy.
 While on trade business he saw her for the first time. The first wish of his heart was to improve his acquaintance with that girl. He thought her beautiful, like an angel . He watched her for a moment. She was busy with a business deal...
 Days passed and he was more and more delighted by the young woman who had conquered his heart , until he decided that he wished to marry her and to share his life with her. He asked for her hand in marriage, but she could not accept without blessing from her queen, Queen of Scotland.  So Vlad kindly asked Queen Aviendha. She agreed that he could marry Mairead.
 The couple decided (together with their noble friends), that it would be perfect to have ceremony in Rome.  His Holiness,  Pope Alexander VII agreed to officiate, and Queen Aviendha Althor graciously accepted the request of Mairead that she give the bride away.

After the ceremony and celebrations in Rome, king Vlad planed another celebration in royal palace in Praha with all those guests who couldn't attend the wedding in Rome.

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #1 on: 09 June, 2017, 03:04:44 PM »
The request had come  to the Summus Pontifex, Alexander VII, for a happy occasion just at the perfect time; as Teos was always able to move the thoughts and actions of those who truly believed in Him and in Immanuelle. "Praise the Logos" thought the man to himself. After the troubling news from Iberia it was the perfect event to show the brightness and joys of the life under Immanuelle's teachings.

   It was a brilliant and clear morning, the 9th of June, 1317 when all had finally been put to order. Nearly a full day late, but it was His Holiness who asked the delay. He could not help but wish for some last minute improvements to make the setting as perfect for the bride and groom and their friends and visiting monarchs. It was not that he was vain about the trappings of the Holy See, it was more of a desire for perfection. He wanted them all to feel that much closer to the Almighty Teos, in His heaven. He sincerely hoped they would, but he was never sure to know.

  The crozier that had been granted to him from the King of Bohemia was already blessed, in all its glorious colors. The golden staff of the crozier was capped with the shepherd's hook and a small glass vial with the professed blood of a saint inside it. It was a very rich and marvelous work. It was not so beautiful as the Scottish bride.

  Yes, His Holiness, had witnessed the Lady and her Husband to be. He had caught them both praying in the Cathedral and had been more than a little pleased at their piety and faith. Very much like their good and pious bishop whose own spirit and prayers must have helped guide this couple to meet and to join.

  The bells began to chime and His Holiness realized  the ceremonial attendants must begin to gather soon. So he stepped forward and waited, watching the flow of living color cast in silks and hair. It was to be a grand celebration of Teos and Love and it all pleased Alexander VII almost as greatly as an initiation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Faith Defines All Things; their remembrances clearly defined make them living custom.

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #2 on: 09 June, 2017, 06:01:53 PM »
I stood at the doors of the great cathedral, nerves making me fuss with my dress. My Queen, Aviendha Althor took my hands to still them, and smiled down at me in my new finery. Her smile calmed me while an attendant rearranged the folds of my dress to fall properly after my nervous hands had set them in disarray. She reached for the posy of flowers held by another attendant, placing them into my right hand, and stepping to be on my left, holding her hand out. I placed mine atop hers, and took in a deep breath to steady myself. She nodded to the servants who moved to open the doors.

The organ music that had been muted by the thick oak planks of the door suddenly swelled, and my hand instinctively tightened on Aviendha's. She squeezed lightly back and patted my fingers with her free hand. With her eyes shining, she nodded to me again, and we turned to process into the Cathedral, slowly walking down the long nave of the Cathedral, the chandeliers above spreading rainbows through the already glittering and bejewelled assemblage of guests. My eyes however were fixed on the man standing in front of the Pope, the man I was here to marry. I could see in the set of his shoulders that he wished to turn and look at me coming to be joined as his wife, but he held himself in check.

Aviendha led me to his side, nodding to Pope Alexander as an acknowledgement that I was finally at my destination. Finally Vlad turned to look at me, his eyes bright, full of warmth and admiration as he took in my wedding attire of silks and jewels and my nervous smile.

We three stood before the altar as the Pope started the service, Vlad and I not touching till he asked who came to give me away. "I, Aviendha Althor, Queen of Scotland, give this woman to be wed to this man". As she spoke, she released my hand, then took my right hand and Vlad's left, and placed my palm in his. I glanced up at Vlad as she did so, the sudden warmth of his skin against mine feeling like electricity through to my very soul.

We said our vows before the altar, the service passing like a blur for me, happy as I was to be marrying this man, a chance meeting while I was on a trade mission leading to this point. He had been wearing plain clothing and no jewels, so I didn't realise he was king of Bohemia until one of the people in the market had pointed him out to her friend and told who he was. And now he was my husband, slipping a plain gold band onto my finger.

As the Pope spoke the last blessing, and asked Vlad to give his bride the kiss of Peace, I suddenly realised that the kiss, a very chaste and formal one, sealed our union, and from now until my death I was united with this man I loved, I was the Queen to his King, the other half of his heart, as he had described me.

We paused after the kiss, then turned to the congregation. I dropped into a deep curtsy, an acknowledgement of their presence as well as thanking them for being witnesses to our union. Vlad bowed to them, and then led me down the shallow steps, and to the main aisle of the nave, leading me back towards the doors I had entered, the organ music swelling once again, mingled with the voices of our guests raised in congratulations at our union.

Emerging into the bright sunshine outside the Cathedral, I turned to smile at my husband again, then we both waved to the assembled mass of people in the square who had come to see the royal wedding party. Vlad took a pouch from his belt, and reached in, bringing out a handful of silver coins, tossing them into the crowd, then did it again and again, sharing his good fortune with everyone. People had started emerging from the Cathedral behind us, so we moved forward to an open coach that would take us to the large marquee, where there would be food, music, dancing and drink for many hours to come.

Two thrones had been set up on a low dais in the marquee for us to sit on while we weren't dancing, so we could see and be seen, and we settled down to enjoy the celebration with all those who had come from far and wide to help us celebrate our wedding day.

Kent Spaggiari

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #3 on: 10 June, 2017, 09:18:33 AM »

Sounds of joyous exclamations and congratulations for the youth were heard  few blocks from the church where the wedding was being held. All the inhabitants of Rome gathered around the church to witness this holiday of love.

And among them appeared the figure of a man whose face were covered by hood. No one paid any attention to him, the eyes of all were pointing on the newlyweds.
Well, that man was a famous pirate and raider,  and for his head a bag of gold was given in some of the kingdoms. Also, in Rome there were many who were secretly seeking to kill this pirate. But today he came to see how his friend found happiness with a loved one.

The man beckoned a young begger and gave him a gold coin to carry the congratulatory letter to Vlad. The letter contained congratulations and wishes for the newlyweds.

Giulia Aldobrandeschi

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #4 on: 10 June, 2017, 11:42:06 AM »

Recently, Giulia had spent a lot of time all around in Flemish regions. Persistent newsstands announced the imminent arrival of a period of tightness. Somebody even argued that they would concern the whole world.
Skeptical, but not indifferent, she had followed the preparations for any sort of famine. In addition, a period away from capital and everyday tasks was what she needed for a long time.  Silence and peace to reflect on what turnaround to her beloved kingdom in the near future: a more flexible organization suited to the changes that have taken place in Flanders, but no less welcoming for young Flemish to be.
She was admiring the luxuriant forest around, when she noticed a stranger courier was approaching. She kindly smiled to him and said - It's evident on your face  your search for me was not short. Don't be afraid you will be properly rewarded for your commitment.
In reading the letter from the Bohemian King,  she lighted in a radiant smile and exclaimed - What a wonderful news, my dear friend!
Immediately she gave orders for starting the preparations to attend  wedding celebrations in Praha.

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #5 on: 10 June, 2017, 05:11:06 PM »

Lord Stark came to attend the festival with his young wolves pack. Everyone knows him as a man of war. But since he usually do not go outside that much, nobody knew about his love for food. After enjoying the feast, he stood in front of the newly married king and queen,

"My lord and my lady, I am not a man of poetry. Please pardon me for that. I want to express my well-wishes from the bottom of my heart for your great and prosperous future. I also want to express my utmost gratitude for this amazing festival and obviously for the abundant and delicious food :) "

Eddard then nodded and left the palace with his pack of wolves and horses.
Eddard Stark

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #6 on: 10 June, 2017, 07:58:07 PM »

It was a beautiful church ceremony, from which I took the most gogeous prayer and blessing to the newlyweds of our Holy Father.
But in my astonishment I managed to log only the following his words:

"Marriage is a supreme sharing, perhaps the greatest and most challenging adventure in the most intimate of human relationships.
It is the joyful uniting of a man and a woman whose care and affection and understanding have flowered into a deep and abiding love.
Those who take its sacred vows have their lives blended together into one, as the waters of two rivers are joined when they come together to form an even greater one.
A true spiritual marriage is an act of metamorphosis, a profound mystery of creation and rebirth, as two become one.
It is a process in which each can be challenged to discover new possibilities in themselves and each other.

In such a marriage, the wedding ceremony is the gateway into this mystery.
In this act, you open yourselves to a fuller experience and expression of the great, vast miracle of love.
No ceremony can create your marriage, only you can do that-through love, patience, dedication, perseverance-through talking and listening and trying to understand-through helping and supporting and believing in each other-through learning to forgive, learning to respect and appreciate your differences, and learning to make the important things matter and to let go of the rest.

What this ceremony can do is to witness and affirm the choice you have made to begin a new life today as husband and wife.

Gracious Teos, spirit of life and love, we ask all blessings upon Vlad and Maireid in their life together.
May they be blessed with patience, to see them through times of tensions or conflict.
May they be blessed with kindness, to enable them to nurture and care for one another in times of pain or sorrow.
May they be blessed with a spirit of play and joyfulness, that they may participate fully in the beauties and pleasures of creation.
May they be blessed, finally, with a knowledge of the ever-flowing presence of love in the world, that they may be channels of this love to one another and to all whom they meet in their life’s journey."

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #7 on: 11 June, 2017, 12:31:11 AM »
After the bride , Costance had been the first to receive the new of King Vlad’s wedding .
He was like a brother for her and Costance was happy for the joyful decision of her great friend to marry a pretty and lovely woman.

King Vlad had written her the first time he had met that young noble scottish lady and he had confessed  her that for the first time in his life , he felt his heart warmer.

Costance was so happy for him and she could not have a nicer day than that in which the official invitation to the wedding arrived to Sjaelland , at the royal palace .

She was thinking to King Vlad , a friend to whom speak with unreserve and whose counsel , in any difficulty , you could rely on, while she was sitting at the tea table waiting for her luggage .

And ..she would have met her friend Sidrach and lady Celestina , and other bohemian friends she did not meet since longtime . “Yes “ she thougth , “ this wedding will be the right occasion to visit Bohemia again and to meet some friends during the ceremony in Praha .”

Morning came and with it the hour for departure , Costance  came downstairs dressed for a journey .

I shall be away for some days , Ingrid . My travel to Praha will start soon, His Majesty King Vlad of Bohemia will marry her betrothed ”, she said to her handmaid with enthusiasm.

Primula Maria Van Rossun

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #8 on: 11 June, 2017, 03:59:26 AM »
From my royal palace, I was just focusing on eat, sleep and train, after my long travel to the Middle East and Part of the Central- Eastern Europe.

I always forgot something to do, and it just click in my mind ..." Ah, to reciprocate the kindness of Emperor Gregorios Kantakouzenos " , so I went back to my study room, wrote the letter to officially change our relation to his country, as friendly.

After giving it to my courier, I had to ask those in my  court and those visiting my court , what is the hottest news and I learned just recently he got married. So I went back to my study to personally write a letter of congratulations . This is what the letter contains.

From: Primula Maria Van Rossun
Sent on: 09-Jun-1317, 12:18
Sent to: Vlad Staurov

09-Jun-1317, 09:39   Alexander VII has officiated at Ancient Teological Church - Holy See - ROMA the marriage between Vlad Staurov and Mairead Blach.

Well just a congratulation to my friend and lead a happy life.

Queen Of France
Leader of Primula Maria Van Rossun's Trading Company[/messagequote]

and the replied message to me , via his courier was something like this:
From: Vlad Staurov
Sent on: 09-Jun-1317, 12:22
Sent to: Primula Maria Van Rossun

Hi Primula,

Many thanks
You are faster than my organization.
I was goin to inform you and invite you to celebration in Praha, but it is still not ready :)


     [img align=right][/img]           

Best Regards
King of Bohemia
So after getting that letter from my friend in the North, I decided to go to Praha and join the party there. Those who are free from doing anything , in my court where to join with me to go to Praha.  It is a chance to meet my friend,  after a long time, being the monarch of France and may I say "bless them " on their party.

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #9 on: 11 June, 2017, 02:16:07 PM »
Tsar Dusan Nemanjic was going to depart to Cairo for tournament,  but then he recived invitation from King Vlad with unbelievable news that King Vlad finally decided to give his heart to one woman.  Dusan had to see it with his own eyes,  so he told his man to prepare him fastest horse and to send scroll to his son Jerman who is overwatching construction in Africa,  that he is invited to wedding too. And Dusan will depart for Cairo after the wedding.
After some times on horseback,  Dusan has finally arrived to attend the wedding of his long time friend,  King Vlad... King Vlad and his wife waited in front,  so Dusan approached immediately to salute them

My friend,  its been a long time since we last time drink together and I am happy it is so joyful occasion as this!  And I congratulate you for marrying this beautiful woman,  I hope you will live long in happiness and that you will have many son's!
Then Dusan gave a smile to beautiful woman next to King Vlad,  now to be Queen Mairead Staurov Keep this man safe and have no doubts about your choice as you are marrying one of the best man I know. I congratulate to both of you and thank you for invitation for wedding,  I will leave you love birds now to enjoy this day and I am going to make sure that my man of war dont choke with all that food in his mouth. Dusan looked at Edd busy with all that meat and smiled and shaked his head as he knew for edd's love for food.  Dusan walked pet the wolf over his head and sitted next to Eddard breath my friend,  Serbia still needs you they laughing and then Dusan turn to young boy serving drink boy,  bring me best wine you have ... Maybe easier for you if you bring a barrel immediately  as we are going to feast and celebrate all night!
As boy bring wine to Tsar Dusan,  he stood up and raised his glass to salute married couple and all the guests...

Gilda Merisi

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #10 on: 11 June, 2017, 06:37:27 PM »
In those days, Queen Gilda was very busy in the reorganization of her small but great Kingdom of Jerusalem.
There was a lot of work for Queen Gilda yet, and many letters on the writing desk in Her royal palace. A commitment and a burden, but certainly another test of Her determination and faith, but also glory, for a new Kingdom, in the Holy Land.

Looking at Her letters, Queen Gilda found a letter with an invitation from king Vlad Staurov of Bohemia.
Gilda seemed to experience a strong emotion , almost as if She was experiencing the emotion of the day of Her marriage with Her beloved husband Theophilos...
Gilda thought  " It is a wonderful news! Love wins everything!!!
Marriage is a precious gift from Teos's hands and true love wants the joy  and wellbeing of family with the blessing of God

She smiled and thinking she and Theophilos could not miss this happy event!
In a hurry She asked to prepare a carriage to reach Her husband and then travel together to head for the celebration! She also thought this is a good opportunity to visit Bohemia, we will meet old friends and we will know new friends!

Finally arrived, Gilda saw the bride and the groom both, beautiful and radiant as only love can do!

Gilda did not personally know the bride, but looking at Her brilliant eyes and enchanted by Her extraordinary beauty, Gilda  immediately realized how much the heart of Queen Mairead was pure.
Queen Gilda greeted all Her friends and finally, She told to the King of Bohemia and His wife: "Husband and wife love each other and belong to each other. Be faithful and persevering. Teos's love reflects on marriage, and so, I wish you always to walk in the light of God and
Teos may always illuminate your hearts. Be happy!

Gilda Merisi, Queen of Jerusalem

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Celestina Asen

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #11 on: 11 June, 2017, 06:50:25 PM »
I am standing nere magnificent cathedrala waiting for ceremony. I can see people busy with their own duties not far from me. My hand is in my hand of my lovely husband. It is not as long His Majesty Vlad lead me to palace in Silesia ready to relay me to Michael X.  I am wishing Teos will stay with all of us.

Leseyk Hydros

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #12 on: 11 June, 2017, 09:30:20 PM »
The king was dressed in untold finery, and his bride could have been one of Deus' own angels for she shone with a happiness that exceeded even the sparkling of her jewelry. The ceremony of their union was fantastic, with many happy glances shared between not only the bride and groom, but with many others. It was obvious that they were happy together, and this would be a beautiful marriage. With the two of them united in this manner, with happiness abound, it was clear that only success and prosperity was in the future for them and for their country.

The travel was inconsequential; Leseyk enjoyed traveling, actually. In another time, he always felt like he would have made an excellent traveling merchant, but events in his life continually led him in a different direction. Leseyk was a good friend of King Staurov and wouldn't have missed the wedding for anything, even though he was unfamiliar with the king's bride. Still, he hoped to get to know her and was sure she would be just as great as her groom.

The reception was just as great as the ceremony, with many friends all around, lots of fun to be had, and for a short time, the world was devoid of all problems.

Theophilos Katakouzinos

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #13 on: 11 June, 2017, 09:34:12 PM »
It was unfortunate that I missed the wedding in Rome. When involved in government affairs your personal happiness and desires often are put aside.
It would for sure bring happy memories of my own wedding in the pontifical chapel.

But now I was in Praha one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I have traveled a lot.

The palace was decorated for the great feast and everything was perfect. The bride and the groom at the center of attention they both deserve. They might don't realise yet the big step they did in their lives, but they will soon enough. It took me a while to realise I am not still a bachelor, but a married man with responsibilities, but also pleasures and happiness I didn't have before.

I can only wish the same for the new couple. I met King Vlad in the past, discussed about politics, battles and a lot more men favorite topics and we became friends. He found his true love. I could see it in his eyes, and that made me very happy as well.

 I wish them all the happiness in the word and a successor to the throne as soon as possible.
Θεόφιλος Κατακουζηνός

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Elizara Gray

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Re: Royal Wedding in Bohemia
« Reply #14 on: 11 June, 2017, 10:37:50 PM »
Fast and hardy messenger delivered official invitation to ceremony from King Vlad of Bohemia to Grand Princess of Kiev when the moon already was shining at the sky. Elizara read the message and decided that she would make decision tomorrow morning. Old Russian proverb says: "Morning is wiser than evening".

On the next day she read the letter again and started to think. Theological tradition of marriage was not unfamiliar to Elizara, but of course being the pious believer of Patriarchal Church she would prefer to see them married by the only True Faith, with blessing by Deus and Patriarch. Alas, Patriarch's decree prevented warriors of Deus to bring the light of True Faith to the lands of Theological kingdoms. So many kingdoms was left without blessing of Deus, but they saved their own traditions, ceremonies and beliefs. Was it right or wrong, but Elizara respected decision of Patriarch.

Anyway, she knew that governmental duties wouldn't allow her to travel a long way to Rome to attend the ceremony personally. But she felt her duty to answer to this invitation and express her congratulations to Vlad who was friendly to her and to Kiev.
So she called her scribe Feofan and started to dictate the letter.

"Dear King Vlad!

I send my best wishes to you and your wife. May your family grow strong and your sons be many and healthy. If one day you decide to ask for blessing of Almighty Triune Deus, both you and Lady Mairead are welcome in Basilica of Kiev.
My sincere apologizes that I didn't attend your wedding ceremony. I will drink a full cup of finest wine for your health and prosperity!

Elizara Gray,
Grand Princess of Kiev

Scribe Feofan quickly brought a scroll with freshly written letters and Grand Princess softly pressed her signet ring against the wax seal on fine paper.

- Feofan, - said Elizara, - Send our most sober messenger to deliver this scroll to King Vlad of Bohemia and his young wife. Make sure that messenger won't take too much alcohol with him. I know this popular legend about alcohol giving energy, but bring him my warning: if he drop his letter bag being completely drunk, it will be last mistake in his entire life. Now go, and may Deus bless his way!

Scribe Feofan

Элизара Серова, Великая Пророчица Патриархальной Церкви
Elizara Gray, Grand Prophetess of Patriarchal Church