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The Castle in Lothian;
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Edinburgh Castle has been around since time before remembrance and is one of precious few structures which survived the earthquakes in 1310.  When the ground finished moving it was one of just a handful that remained.  Home to the most distinguished line of Regal Vessels this world has ever known alike Hannah Beauly Stark, Aviendha Althor, and Fergus Waverly, it is seated atop an ancient crag and tail feature colloquially called Castle Rock and is only accessible from the more gentle sloping eastern face.

Its outer curtain wall encompasses the site in which there is a Barracks and Prisons, at least five baileys, a Watch Tower, a moat and a gatehouse, an inner curtain wall, a ramp, the famous Wycliffe-Wallace Well nearly 30 meters deep, and an interior castle complex consisting of at least three kitchens and several larders where venison is cured and fish is kept, extensive quarters for its many gilly and staff, comfortable apartments for visiting and for resident nobility, and a gorgeous Palace where the Cardinal in Scotland resides, which is named for Lannea of the Chaol Glenn, who brought the Faith to Scotland, and not one-time but two.  During the Holy War in 1315-1316 the Patriarchs strong-armed the Pagans into destroying all their temples in Scotland and the Faith had to be entirely constructed again by the Theol.

Only three Scots have ever called the castle home, however.  Hannah Beauly Stark was the Regal Vessel in 1310 until she passed on from the world in 1311, and then Aviendha Althor was Regal Vessel until 1315 when she became Regent and passed the office to Fergus Waverly.

The clans make Moot here, and its halls have been witness to the coming and going of generations.  So much so that many winding corridors are brim full of artifacts and some resemble museums.  The crown jewels can be viewed but not touched, there is a branch of yew wood which does not decay, and the shield of Danius, son of Dunedane, two long dents upon it and a lot of blood belonging to the one and only who ever led an open revolt against them, Annan D'Lochlain.  One may even visit the Throne Room but they may not sit upon the stone.