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An Ode to Fionn
« on: 01 October, 2017, 07:45:05 PM »
It was towards the end of the month here in England. Daniel had been in Lancaster watching people work at the construction site just some ways from the Vé, the church of the Norse. While he finished up his prayer to Odin and the warriors of Valhalla, a messenger had arrived.

“Strange” Daniel thought to himself as the young messenger had excused himself. He saw the seal of the Irish crown on the scroll. He began to read the scroll, it contained quite the story to which Daniel laughed at, he had known the reason why and thought why not.

Ser Knight Marketos of Lothian had sent a duel request to Crown Prince Fionn Mac Cumhaill in retaliation for harsh words offending the Queen of Scotland and for talking a lot of manure that he had no business in saying. If Daniel had gotten the scroll for a duel, it had meant Ser Marketos had been declined and Fionn had wanted him instead.

After giving some time to rest, he had signed the agreement and sent the scroll with a messenger back to Leinster to let Prince Fionn that the duel would commence.

28-Sep-1317, 03:36   Daniel Mcfinnigan and Fionn Mac Cumhaill will face each other in a duel on: 01-Oct-1317, 02:50!

He had finished up his prayers and headed back to Lothian. He began some training to keep him up in tip top shape and the day approached rapidly. He donned his best armor and his trusty war axe, the very one that had cut down a Bulgarian in Leinster previously during the Irish campaign.

As the time approached, Lord Fionn had arrived by boat at his lonesome. He immediately donned his armor along with a longsword and shield. Daniel immediately remarked to Knight Marketos “Look at that, a sword and a shield compared to my axe, shouldn’t be too hard” Daniel said as he made sure everything was readied up.

The time has come, both of the men had been led to a small area in the forest with all of Daniel’s compatriots watching and waiting. This fight had a lot on the line for both men, honor, pride, courage and more likely, speaking rights. Fionn had previously exchanged heated words with Daniel, but Daniel had the wise idea to not speak back and was rewarded by the gods by being able to talk freely.

The fight began. Fionn was slower, despite Daniel being in heavier armor. Daniel’s axe had made contact with the young Fionn almost immediately, tearing into his flesh with blood pouring, he had gotten a second hit in which case, Fionn hit back, giving Daniel a slight cut on his leg.

Both men had already looked like they were tired after just a few strikes of the blade, but it continued. Daniel had struck Fionn but he had counterattacked and left a small wound back, it was beginning to hurt for both fighters.

As the fight went on, Daniel had kept his stamina up, all the training and guard duties had kept him in top shape while Fionn had begun to slow down and began to try to distance himself from Daniels attack. It wouldn’t work, Daniel had sliced him in the arm, blood splattering everywhere around them,  it was a very significant wound while Daniel had almost danced around him.

Daniel had gone in for another strike and hit his right leg but as he went in, Fionn cut Daniels foot but it wouldn’t matter, it was a small wound and his walking wasn’t affected. The adrenaline his blood was at his highest point, he felt like he wasn’t taking any pain at all.

Both men ran at each other, Daniel, slicing open Fionn’s chest with his war axe, and Fionn hitting Daniel with a small dull blade, it was no match. Daniel knew Fionn was on his last leg, it was over for the crown prince.

As the end came to be, Fionn dashed at Daniel with his blade in a sort of desperation all or nothing attack and Daniel dodged it, hitting him in the back with his axe. Fionn had gone down and Daniel, in the view of dozens of Scots, showed himself victorious.

Daniel, cut and bruised, began to take a rest on a log nearby as some of his comrades helped Fionn and aided to his wounds so the man would not die in a friendly duel. As he closed his eyes from exhaustion, he could see Norris Cairngorms posting a note to the chest of Crown Prince Fionn.

It had been quoted as this, by the poet himself.

“For you on this day,
A friendly greeting,
Gooooooood lord,
You sure took a beating”

Daniel could hardly contain himself at that and knew Fionn wouldn’t be none the happier losing the duel AND having that note around. That was Daniel's last sight of Fionn as he had finally passed out from the fight. When he awoke, Fionn was not in sight, he must have left Scotland promptly after the fight.

It saddened Daniel that Fionn had shown no companionship by any kind of scroll regarding the duel at all, perhaps he forgot? Perhaps he didn’t care. Daniel was soaring with pride and it surely showed around him.