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The Royal Palace of Lothian;
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Colloquially known as Ironsides it was spared during the earthquakes which rocked the world in 1310 and 1311 but just barely.  It is seated beneath Edinburgh Castle on Holyrood.  When the world stopped moving nothing was left of it save the iron bones, hence its name, but it has since been reconstructed and enhanced of locally quarried stone, and wood brought here all the way from the forests in Maybole, county Carrick.

It has been home to Eve Solomon whose reign was unremarkable and brief in 1310 (for two months) and James Stewart who also reigned uneventfully (for one month) in that same year.

Also it was home to Bruce Enderson who came unto the throne in 1310, and is generally regarded as the founding father of the Scotland in this world and for conquering the lands which make up Alba, Caledonia, and Norway.  He reigned until late in the year of 1313 and upon his death Sandy Wallace ascended to the throne.

Wallace is most commonly known for his tireless building, and there are many major projects which owe their existence to him scattered throughout the kingdom.  He is also known for his capable military leadership, having been Captain during the reign of his predecessor.

In 1315 there was Raidhal Inderdottir reign for three months, and she is little known but for her tendency to employ Scots in raiding the natural resources of other kingdoms and for having never been caught at it.  She sailed away to the ends of the earth and is rumored to have fallen off the edge of it taking with her some of the best Scots of that time.

Sandy Wallace lived again inside until his passing in 1316, and then Aviendha Althor came into the throne.  She is most recognized for bringing stability again to the kingdom, for also being a builder (no fewer than a dozen structures throughout the kingdom have her name on the face of it) and for having tutored several generations of Scots in her time.