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A Tale of Prosperity and Sorrow.
« on: 29 July, 2018, 02:50:51 AM »
King Daniel sat at his long table in the Palace of Kings. He was going through scrolls that had been given to him and some that he had wrote in, attempting to detail events of the last few months. The young King had much on his mind. He began to write down more of the events as they came to him in order to describe his thought process and why things have happened.

There came a day in Scotland's history that we had run out of wood AND coal, two extremely important resources. The lack of coal meant that little to no armor or weapons were being produced, which would hurt any offensive or defensive war efforts. It was a priority to Daniel to search for a way to acquire more coal. He had gone through markets across the world searching for this.. This black gold. It just wasn’t enough, many countries had the same problems, shortages of essentials.

Daniel had wrote to Prince Jericho, Drill Master Alexandros and his priest, Matthias. The three of them had arrived in a quiet room within the palace. They began to discuss where to buy or search for coal, but it had all been for not. It was exhausted in about everywhere. They were beginning to think outside of the circle of diplomacy.

At this point Prince Jericho noticed Ireland had coal in the region of Mide. Daniel had forgotten about that up until it was mentioned. Ireland wasn’t quite an ally, nor an enemy, always just surviving next to us. They had many rough times before and were never quite the same after so many attacks and raids. Daniel had felt wrong to attack them, but the needs of his Kingdom came before Ireland.

Daniel had his scribe go through what little records they had of Mide up until he made a stark discovery. After going through the documentations he had found that he was not exactly who he thought he was. He had been given away at birth to prevent the murder of Daniel as an infant. His family were that of Cormac mac Art Ó Melaghlain. The King of Mide a long time ago. His family hunted down by insurgents and those surviving, hidden. Daniel, upon finding this discovery, made claim as the King of Mide, proclaiming it to be a part of his country of Scotland.

After realizing he had the casus belli to take back Mide in the name of his forefathers, he had gathered many of his trusted men and given them an assignment to gather people to visit Ireland in a mission to infiltrate Mide before the Irish King knew what was happening. The day came when a scroll arrived to Daniel by courier. It was from Prince Jericho regarding the conquest in Mide.

“Twenty soldiers now sit in Mide preparing to attack and conquer it for you, My King” Jericho’s scroll had said. At that point, he sent the same courier to County Leinster to give King Andrew my declaration of hostility, and thus, war. It was coming together nicely, all things looked bright for the future and Mide would make a fantastic part of Scotland abroad.. Or so he thought.

A few days later a royal letter had arrived to Daniel from an unknown courier in all black. It was a letter from some kind of otherworldly being, declaring all conflict be stopped. It surprised Daniel, it had been so long since conflict had been seen, now that Scotland had finally prepared, an otherworldly being denies him of the attack?

It had angered the young King as he sent a courier to Prince Jericho..

“Lord Jericho, as acting constable for the country, recall all soldiers back to Scotland through the port of Leinster. Our surprise attack has failed through no fault of our own. It has not only embarrassed us on the stage of the Isles, but it will be even worse for the Irish”

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Re: A Tale of Prosperity and Sorrow.
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Weeks had gone by now and the otherworldly figure stayed in his court, just standing there. It had begun to frighten some of his best soldiers. Many had thought that Scotland, among some other countries, had angered some kind of being and it prevented them from bloodshed. Daniel had no idea what to do but to wait time and hope things got better.

One day he had risen up in his court and noticed the squire of death was no longer there. Was this the day? Was it finally here? He had immediately sent a courier out to other regents to see if the beings in their courts had left, and after a few days, it was proven true. The being was gone and conflict was back on the table.

Mide was no longer a surprise to the Irish, nor their ally of the French. It looked a little more difficult now for Daniel and his highlanders, but he had much faith in his soldiers capabilities. He had sent the scroll to King Andrew to declare hostility which was followed by the declaration of war upon Munster.

“28-Jun-1318, 21:44:01 The Kingdom of Scotland has launched an attack to to Kingdom of Ireland! (Conquer, Region: MUNSTER)”

Munster was the only port in Ireland besides the capital, so Scottish foot soldiers couldn’t land anywhere, as Leinster was very well fortified and impossible to penetrate. They had to start from the bottom of the country. It would be no problem for the battle hardened soldiers of Scotland however.

“Jericho, have your soldiers ready the boats to Munster. County Munster will be in our hands soon” Daniel said as he slammed his fist down upon his table. A few hours had passed and Daniel was on a longboat with the rest of his soldiers, four longboats in total sailed towards Munster at the southern tip of Ireland. It was very cold in the water and many of the soldiers had never been to sea, so there was some slight sickness.

After a near day of traveling they had beached in a small village about a 2 minute run from the castle of Munster. The Scottish soldiers had mapped out the castle, figuring out it only had about 10 defenders, that was nothing to the soldiers of Scotland.. However, many of the soldiers were fresh and had never gone to battle before. As they prepared to push into the castle, boiling black tar came down from the castle walls, severely burning and scarring many of our young soldiers and pushing them back. It wouldn’t be a massive issue, but it would hurt many of our people before the sword had even begun to fly.

After a few minutes, he looked up to see the carnage finished. The Scottish soldiers had been victorious at this engagement, but they had retreated temporarily to heal the wounded. Anderson had a nasty scar under his eye from a blade cut and Barak had severe burns from the tar being launched upon her. It was rough, but with our trained religious experts, both of them quickly got into fighting shape before another attack was launched.

After resting up, the soldiers began another foray into castle Munster and had defeated the Irish King and his soldiers, it was a huge victory for the Scots, a massive morale increase for everyone and soon, Munster would be under Scotland's control and its markets available to soldiers and the tavern for a quick drink!

02-Jul-1318, 01:44:02 Kingdom of Scotland conquered region MUNSTER - Kingdom of Ireland; see battle [Report].

The only way to reach the goal of Mide was to conquer north until they could siege the castle walls. It was a long, long way to go and the weeks to come would be filled with blood and glory of battle.

02-Jul-1318, 08:58:26 The Kingdom of Scotland has launched an attack to to Kingdom of Ireland! (Conquer, Region: OSRAIGH)

Daniel had returned to his court in Lothian and left Knight Captain Marketos and Prince Jericho in charge of the soldiers. He had high trust in them and left them to their own devices. The soldiers had begun a march north but were stopped by the similar otherworldly being from before. He had claimed we had to let the Irish rest for a few days. It was horrible that such a momentous advance could be stopped in the blink of an eye, but Daniel had no choice but to listen to this.. This thing.

05-Jul-1318, 19:49:42 The Kingdom of Scotland has launched an attack to to Kingdom of Ireland! (Conquer, Region: OSRAIGH)
The being had delivered a pouch of silver to recover the costs of war during the small time of peace. He had thanked the being and kept on his conquering of Ireland.

The conquest of Osraigh had begun. The Scottish soldiers march in formations with Prince Jericho leading the way. Daniel had made it to the makeshift camp before the first battle, he could see the Irish preparing themselves in the distance. King Andrew had been sharpening his axe, Daniel foresaw the two of them fighting and the stronger King would come out on top.

Andrew White delivers a critical hit!
Andrew White hits Daniel Mcfinnigan with: Halberd (target: Feet) for 63,37 damage [36,63 HP left]
Daniel had been critically injured very early on in the fight, but he had saw this before. He had fought the Eastern soldiers of Kiev on these very Isles before, there was no losing now. He had got up after being knocked down and charged the Irish King.

After a short fight, going back and forth, the victor emerges from the hectic battle with all soldiers from both countries to see.
Daniel Mcfinnigan hits Andrew White with: War axe (target: Right Arm/Right Paw) for 18,04 damage [-12,54 HP left]
Daniel Mcfinnigan has won the duel.

This time the fight had been much more organized. The Queen of France had arrived with some of her soldiers. It was now one versus two, but Daniel had much faith in his soldiers and kept the march on. After an hour of fighting, many soldiers were knocked to near death, including Daniel, he had been pulled to the side by Squire James Howitt.

The Scots had beaten the Irish/French fighters and retreated back to their camp to heal their wounds and rest up.. For another battle would happen in the next morning.

It had been a much smaller Irish force, mainly consisting of French fighters. The battle was similar in the way of Scotland ploughing through the small group of soldiers. Pierre Du Vallon and Queen Maria had knocked down several Scottish soldiers but would eventually be overwhelmed. Castle Osraigh now belonged to King Daniel.