Author Topic: The Barracks and Prisons in Lothian (Level 2);  (Read 698 times)

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The Barracks and Prisons in Lothian (Level 2);
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The Barracks at Castle Edinburgh is one of the oldest buildings in the complex of them.  Of the five baileys which are used to store weapons and armor The Barracks is the largest, at the heart of Her.  And to many a soldier it is almost home but for the fact they cannot lay their heads there - sleeping on the job merits disciplinary action after all.

It could be argued that the barracks is a big, fat, stinking lie, for it actually houses only one head, and that is the Captain's.  But if I were you I shouldn't balk too loudly, it may just be your head roll because of it.

Bruce Enderson was the first Captain in Scotland.  The year was 1310.  But he was too dumb to read instructions at the time, and when the clans elected him Chief the role was quickly reassigned to Sandy Wallace.  So that Sandy Wallace was the Captain, and a much better one at that, until 1313 when he became Regent and the role was passed on to William Lambert [ ? ].  William Lambert was Captain until 1316 when Kyle Graham took over the role to allow Captain Lambert freedom to travel and do other things.  And Kyle Graham still has that station today.

In actuality The Barracks primarily serve as a memorial to them who have served in the military and them who have died in war.  Aside from the many/many shelves, stands, and racks of weapons available to recruits, there are also alabaster busts of every preceding Captain and some notable heroes such as  Guinglain Sieg Hart (also known as Mpusrigandar Bangbrotot), Dar McDar, Jamie Kenedy, Angus MacPharlen who helped design the first Flemish army, of course there is one for Aviendha Althor who was an example to every Scots woman, Fearchara Scathach, and Kirstie Bowman.

Motifs span the ceiling depicting notable battles of yore, especially Scots conquests against the Natives that invaded the world in 1311, so many were they that every kingdom upon the face of it was driven back to their most fortified capitals for a time.  And the Raid in Bohemia which went largely unnoticed, as well as the band of Scots that stood on the ramparts of Milan and defended that city against the Confederate Italics in 1312.  There is Alfonz De Gaul on his way to help, hauling his kit behind and carrying a pickaxe through the fields of Flemish sheep which did cause quite a stir, mind you.  He was fined 100,00 silver coins for that, it became known internationally as the Sheep Miner Incident and his help in Lombardia went unacknowledged because of it, but The Barracks remembers.

And if you ever did wonder why the Prisons are always so filthy and there is work to be had cleaning them; it is because the Tourists truck in so much dirt.  They have been unoccupied for a span of many years now, the first and last person to have been arrested in the kingdom of Scotland was Anderson Buck during the Autumn Harvest Festival of 1316.