Author Topic: The Training Grounds in Lothian;  (Read 633 times)

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The Training Grounds in Lothian;
« on: 27 May, 2017, 09:29:23 AM »

The Training Grounds in Edinburgh was the first project ever undertaken by the Scots (when projects were a very new thing) and it was no small task.  It required 3000 pieces of wood and 1500 iron for pells and pivots and other various things, 3000 stone for a firm foundation lest it all be washed away, and 6000 hours to construct.  Altogether 18,000 silver coins for the cost of labour plus the cost of materials were fitted for.  Also, if you look below, you'll discern that everyone who helped build that, are dead today.  Not a single one is alive.  Many hands were crushed by the sheer volume of earth we moved, and many backs were bent out of shape before their old age could get at them.  But in the end we persevered, and if naught for the Training Grounds and the patronage of them who use it, most projects, those forthcoming and those already completed, would not be nor have been possible.

Too many Masters to recount have called it home, but it does today provide enough revenue so that a dozen jobs are created because of, it fuels the industry of our carpenters, and the young people grow very strong in spite of the world's best attempts to see them flounder.  So gu bràth, gu bràth, it was worth every drop.  And for those of you who did, if you're watching from the After, we salute you.