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The Harbor in Telemark;
« on: 26 May, 2017, 09:56:52 AM »
The Harbor in Skien was built by Bruce Enderson to aid in taking the region(s) from the Genoese during the Italic War in 1313.  It was completed on the twenty-ninth day of September in the year 1313 and was the fourth harbor ever constructed in Scandinavia - but the first three were planted there by the gods.  Andriet Richileau and Uther Pendragon are two which helped clear the rocks from the harbor and prop up strong piers so that the nordic kingdoms could land there and help liberate Scandinavia - until their arrival it was only a wasteland possessed by 5 or 6 Italian kingdoms and there was not so much as a tavern to sleep in.  It was critical to the campaign, and remains an important landing to this day as all who visit western Scandinavia do so by way of the harbor in Skien.

It is said that when Bruce arrived with the ships and men and women he also brought with him "selkie" from the northern part of Scotland.  As selkie are seldom seen it's difficult to describe them, but most accounts indicate they are a fair people to behold with an aloof disposition and are skilled warriors especially when attacking from sea.  Occasionally some fishermen come to port with vague stories of having encountered a pretty selkie maiden who stayed their ship from being bashed to splinters upon the rocks at sea, but these accounts are generally few and far between and dismissed as the result of having been away from land a mite too long.  Still, they do persist, and a sizeable population of them that live about and around the harbor strongly believe they have seen the selkie.