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The Tavern in Rogaland;
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The Tavern in Stavanger was commissioned by the then-Regent, Bruce Enderson.  It was the first tavern ever built in Scandinavia.  The Corp of Engineers was employed to construct it and it was born of mostly iron taken from the mines about. It required seven and one-half days to complete being finished on the nineteenth day of September in 1312.  It served as a crucial structure during the Italic Wars giving the warriors which participated in the liberation a place to rest, and to the scores of prospective miners which came after.  The placard which listed the names of them which helped had been weathered by the years unfortunately, and was lost during the Big Shake in 1317.  Yet, when the foundation still existed, there was one, which was curious, seek out the cornerstone and they were able to discern a name there;Alfonz De Gaul.