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The Castle in Bergenshus;
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When the Regent, Sandy Wallace, came unto the throne in the winter of 1314 he realized there was a massive store of tools, raw resources, silver coins, gold doubloons, silks, and jewels.  As one of his first acts and in honour of him which came before, Wallace launched The Castle in Bergen.  It was at first dubbed Castle Enderson but the name didn't stick as mortal's memories in this world are appropriately short, and all evidence of the dearly departed usually evaporates very rapidly through various means.  We tried the Castle in Norway for some time, but whenever one of the gods which walk this earth passed by we were accursed for it and penalized because, well, Norway fell off the edge of the earth during the Great Quake in 1310, and unless Scotland forfeit it and somebody paid a huge sum of gold doubloons, it would never exist again.  It had already cost some a great deal, some arguably their lives, so.  Eventually it became known as it is today, the Castle in Bergen, and everybody is content for it though among Scots folk it is sometimes referred to by it's more contemporary names.

Some of the most notable people which helped build the structure are Giulia Aldobrandeschi, Raidhal Inderdottir, Lannea De Chaol Gleann, Jordan Miller, and Sandy Wallace.  It took exactly three months to erect, being finished on the tenth day of January, 1315.

The Castle in Bergen is the largest, and foremost, structure in the city.  It is usually the first one sees.  It is located at the entrance to the harbor, but is enclosed by a long, wide, wandering wall called a curtain, and can only be accessed by the heavily fortified portal on the east side.  She is composed of several buildings, actually.  There are three huge halls to accommodate feasting, a small parish church (url), a Captain's residence (url), a well-equipped barracks and armory(url), a dank prison to break the hoariest native savage, even a tall magnificent watch tower (url) which keeps a fire atop so hot the stone has become vitrified and hardened alike tallow.
Francis Crawford   537 hour(s)
Raidhal Inderdóttir   384 hour(s)
Thomas Harris   346 hour(s)
Sandy Wallace   313 hour(s)
Jordan Miller   223 hour(s)
Naði Helldóttir   78 hour(s)
Lannea De Chaol Gleann   45 hour(s)
Hermann Mirjahan   42 hour(s)
Jordan Brantingham   24 hour(s)
Prince Mirjahan   12 hour(s)
Giulia Aldobrandeschi   6 hour(s)
Edited to add its list of builders which, at the time, was not available.
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