Author Topic: The Barracks and Prisons (Level 2) in Bergenshus;  (Read 651 times)

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The Barracks and Prisons (Level 2) in Bergenshus;
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The Barracks and Prisons in Bergen (Level 2) was commissioned by Sandy Wallace, who was the Regent in his time, and was completed on the twenty-seventh day of May in 1316 in order to facilitate the perpetual battle between our civilization and the bloodthirsty natives which frequently come out of the North.  Some of the notable workers whose name the sign bears are Aviendha Althor, Anderson Buck, Lannea De Chaol Gleann, and Harald Magnusson.

Built within the Castle in Bergen the Barracks include an expansive and well-stocked armory (thanks to Ragnar Lodbrok), an apartment which the Captain may use to plan strategy and rest in, and a honeycomb labyrinth of tunnels lit by dim torches.  At the heart of the maze is a prison which is home to mostly rats.  Yes, rats.  Huge rats.  Small rats.  Scary rats.  Rats the scatter from the faintest light.  Rats with beady eyes.  Rats with big round watchful eyes.  Rats of all kinds.  Indeed, the Barracks and Prisons in Bergen are notorious for the population of rats which thrive there.