Author Topic: The Watchtower in Bergenshus;  (Read 687 times)

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The Watchtower in Bergenshus;
« on: 26 May, 2017, 09:44:32 AM »

The Enderson Watch was built by Sandy Wallace, Regent of Scotland, in the month which Bruce Enderson died, and the builders were told, "Watch for Enderson to be back one day."  It was completed on the twenty-seventh day of May in 1316 and an empty pyre was lit to commemorate Enderson, as he disappeared somewhere in Austria and was never seen again.  The fire was so hot it vitrified and melt the newly masoned white granite stone which made up the crown.  The event was visible in the night sky from all over, including the regions of Rogaland, Telemark, Vestfold, and even so far as the mountains in Oppland (now only Telemark and Oppland exist.)

Today it resembles a pale candle aside the harbor with tallow running down its sides.  Perched 120 meters in the sky is a golden bell three meters in diameter - it was fashioned by Lannea de Chaol Gleann and required eighteen hours to cool and harden.  It is oft rung in the perpetual battle between our civilization and the bloodthirsty native one which frequently come out of the North.  It can be rung for many other special functions such as directing the traffic of boats and sounding certain hours of the day most especially the closing of the gates every eve when the sun goes down.  Sometimes "Day" can last more than 19 hours because of Bergen's latitude.