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The Tavern in Bergenshus;
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The Tavern in Bergen  is yet another construction launched by Sandy Wallace as a means to buoy the burgeoning region  and its economy.  It required almost sixteen days to complete being finished on the thirtieth day of October in 1314.  The tavern was an integral structure in establishing industry in the region, and has been a temporary home to countless men and women which find work at the Quarry.  Some of the stones incorporated are three and five cubic meters, and weigh upward of ten tons per.  It survived the Big Shake in 1317 but just barely.  The signage which lists the names of them that helped has been weathered by the years unfortunately, and during the quake was broken in two, one half falling upon the back of a poor ox which was mulling about.  'Twas a terrible mess to clean after but the foreman was none too bothered.  "He was a lazy beast, never arrived on time to haul the pieces, and spent all of his wage on green beer."  Nonetheless, it was an epic event, and as there were no other casualties there was a brief memorial for Gerry the Ox, and then a feast in his honor was had.  The beef ribs were reportedly delicious.  The structure stands today aside the market in Bergen.