Author Topic: An open letter to my Sicilian brothers  (Read 733 times)

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An open letter to my Sicilian brothers
« on: 26 May, 2017, 01:11:40 AM »
23-May-1317, 13:04   Kingdom of Sicily changed Diplomatic Relation with: Grand Duchy of Cyrenaica. New Relation is: Hostile.
24-May-1317, 21:02   Grand Duchy of Cyrenaica changed Diplomatic Relation with: Kingdom of Sicily. New Relation is: Hostile.

In this medieval age, I started my journey in the very heart of Sicily, Palermo. My adventurous nature made me curious about the whole world and enforced to travel every land. During my long journey, my sincerity made me a renowned merchant, brave mercenary and finally fate asked me to lead the royal army of a nation. But even in my dream I never thought about holding a sword against my birth place! In recent months our relationship has been getting worse and worse but I personally expected no bloodshed. But circumstances made me realize that with the present Sicilian regent, keeping peace is like a fiction.....

Anyway, to keep long story short, my Sicilian brothers, we Serbs do not like unnecessary bloodshed. And since for years I do not live in Sicily, I personally don't know most of you. If you (definitely you should) have a better leader among your community who is brave enough to lead the Sicilian to a path of creation and success, but not to the path of war and destruction, kindly write to me in private. We are very interested to solve this conflict in a peaceful manner. Because of the game mechanic, we may have to involve in warfare but I personally have no interest to lock any of you in jail or to conquer Sicily forever. For both nations I believe we need a more suitable regent from the Sicilian who will work for the Sicilian :)

Thank you.
Eddard Stark