Author Topic: Savoy's Revival! We need you!  (Read 725 times)

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Savoy's Revival! We need you!
« on: 06 May, 2017, 06:47:52 AM »
The markets are flowing!
The smithies are booming!
The coins are clinking!
The mines are clanging!
The armories are stacking!
And perhaps soon, the armies shall be marching!

His Majesty, The King, and Her Majesty, The Queen, are bringing new color throughout the beautiful lands of Savoy.

Are you not currently residing in Savoy? Perhaps you should be?

Currently known positions that need to be filled: (Check frequently)
Lieutenant in the city of Savoy.
An iron miner for the Kingdom's blacksmiths and armories.
Mercenaries pledged to serve Savoy in upcoming confrontations.
And many more professions requiring workshops.

You're interested? Great!
Have a courier send a scroll to the desk of General McCann in the city of Savoy for more information.
Additionally, scrolls can be sent to Her Majesty, The Queen (Emily Rose) if more information is required.
General McCann (Illyrián McCann)

Constable of Savoy
Knight of Savoy
Guard Captain of Savoy
Head-Blacksmith of Savoy
Former Blacksmith of Ireland
Former Mercenary of Ireland

Head of Clan McCann
Commander of the 1st Infantry Battalion