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Travellers’ Tales
« on: 11 October, 2017, 03:52:10 PM »

After the battle at Ankara I took a walk in the local market.
There was a Persian who came to Ankara and told travellers’ tales about Ispahan. He said that the Shah had any number of palaces there containing from 100 to 150 rooms and each palace so many thousand yards square.
I retorted, “ Oh yes, but at Constantinople, which is our capital, we have plenty like them. The length of the new palace square is 5,000 yards and... ” but at that moment another Persian came in, who said that he had just come from Constantinople.
I felt that I could not go on like this, so I said, “The width of the palace square was hundred and fifty yards.”
“That is very odd,” said the first Persian “ the length and breadth should always be in proportion.”
“ Yes,” I said, “ I was going to make the width agree with the length, but that Persian gentleman there came in just at the wrong moment and spoilt it all! ”