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Katakouzinos family. Biographies, diary
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This post will be updated from time to time

Theophilos Katakouzinos

The only child of Konstantinos and Theodora Katakouzinou.

My father was a scholar and always wanted his son to follow his footsteps. And so it happened.

I am now the Judge in the capital of Byzantine Empire Kontastinoupolis since 14 October of 1315.

Althought I am very happy with my work and have the respect and prestige that comes with the job I always dream of becoming a great warrior and commander.

I am training hard and maybe one day my dream will become true...

09-Dec-1315 Fought against natives in Tyrus. We were victorious. First time I defeated a man in a real combat. The excitement and the adrenaline rush were something indescribable.
03-Jan-1316 Fought against natives in Moab. Victorious again. Starting to like fighting more and more...

16-Jan-1316 A great honor. Today I became Chancellor of the Empire.   

01-Feb-1316 Although I have a lot to learn from now on I am the Constable of the Byzantine Empire.
20-Feb-1316 I started talking with Gilda Merisi, Vassal of Derne. She was a loved person with my childhood friend Alexios Doukas and I followed his wish to find her.
She brought joy to my life and maybe a new way to see things.

12-Mar-1316 Tyrus rebelion once again. This time I was more ready than ever. Better trained and with some real fighting experience. Alas, I was heavily injured in this fight. Almost died. While recovering I decided to be baptised and have Teos in my side in the fights yet to come.

13-Mar-1316 I have been baptised in Rome by Demetrio Castaldi. At last I have found Teos.

14-Apr-1316 Moab rebelion once again. Those people never learn. Teos protected me and I left the battlefield unharmed.

22-Apr-1316 Sinope rebels tried to gain power. We stoped them once again.

29-Apr-1316 A glorius day. A was knighted Knight of Lesvos.

11-May-1316 I got infected with the plague. Thank Theos Prometeo Cagliostro cured me almost instantly and saved my life.

03-Jun-1316 In the holy city of Rome in the Pontifical Chapel his Holiness Sisto V performed the marriage of Gilda Merisi with me. It was the happiest day of my life.

10-Jun-1316 The Natives have failed to regain SIRTE. Many great warriors fought the native barbarians. I fought side by side with my love and queen of Cyrene Gilda. Theos watched over us and left the battlefield unharmed.

19-Jun-1316 Natives revolt for TYRUS. My love and I were ambushed by natives and in the heat of the battle we found ourselves surrounded by enemies. Luckily, our companions saved us the last minute, but we were heavily injured. Praise Teos for saving our lives.

16-Jul-1316 The Natives have failed to regain CAESAREA but we were outnumbered. Gilda and I fought side by side. The natives were fierce and bloodthirsty. After the battle we set sail for Venice to rest, cure our injuries and at last spend some time together. Our duties keep us apart.

26-Jul-1316 Natives revolt for SINOPE. We were few, but unstoppable. I felt great that day and rushed into the battle.

20-Sep-1316 The Natives have failed to regain TYRUS.

01-Oct-1316 My studies at the University of Valencia just started. Law and diplomacy was the first course and even though I studied law my whole life this was something different.

05-Oct-1316 Life at the University is great. Today a drinking contest began and it will last a whole week! I never took part in such feasts, but now away from my obligations in the Empire and in the beautiful city of Valencia I decided to drink and enjoy myself.

12-Oct-1316 I have been drinking the whole week like it was the last days of my life. I was constantly drunk and in the few hours I was able to stand on my feet I resumed my drinking. I was late in delivering my papers to the University. I will need days to fully recover from the hangover. While drunk I recall the other partners in drinking, announced that I won the contest. Didn't feel a winner at the time. My head was about to explode. I don't think I would ever drink again like this.

04-Nov-1316 At last. I have completed my military training. Time to deal with other matters and put my skills to use if needed.

07-Dec-1316. The winter is coming. I resigned my judge position In Konstantinoupolis and traveled to Korinthos. The chapel in the central square is magnificent and at least I can pray more often. I feel closer to Theos there.

At the same time things were about to change in the Sounth. Kingdom of Jerusalem, Kingdom of Poland and Kindom of Cyrene declared hostile to our allies Mamluks.

08-Dec-1316 I can hear my father laughing from heaven. It seems I can't get away from the job he intented me to follow. I am now the judge in Korinthos.

10-Dec-1316 The attacks on our allies have begun. The Kingdom of Jerusalem declared War to Kingdom of Mamluk to conquer Gazza.

08-Jan-1317 We defended our allies for over a month. Many battles , dead bodies and tired soldiers were the result but we kept defending our allies keeping them safe. Our enemy Kingdom of Cyrene using a double attack with divided our forced and cought us of guard. They declared war to Byzantine Empire in order to raid Konstantinoupolis.

09-Jan-1317 The next day found the city of Konstantinoupolis pilaged. Buildings razed to the ground and many of it't defenders dead or near death. I was one of them. I recall warriors of the enemy stealing of our markets with joy on their eyes. Many of them also fell but they were victorious. At the same time we defended our allies once again. It was a bitter tie.

12-Jan-1317 In an attempt of us to get revenge for the fallen brothers in Polis we attacked Jerusalem. Although it was Mamluk enemy and not our when this war begun we had no support from them even thought we kept them alive for over a month. This was the end of our alliance. After that Mamluks would fall to their hands without our help.

16-Jan-1317 Seems like even natives are against us in this hard time for our empire. A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Tyrus. We saw and stoped them on time.

03-Feb-1317 My cousin Gregorios Kantakouzenos has been crowned Sovereign of Byzantine Empire. Empress Thekla Argyra did her best in her reign for the empire but it was time for a change. We had a big celebration after Gregorios coronation.

06-Feb-1317 I was apointed Vassal in Konstantinoupolis. My cousin wanted him at his side at his first steps as an emperor and I was more than happy to serve him.

12-Feb-1317, 11:57 A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Sinope. As we always have we were there to support our allies and drive the natives back.

01-Mar-1317, 11:59 A group of armed natives were discovered heading for the region Bern. We were never close with Kingdom of Italy but king Oddantonio needed help and we where there for him in this time of trouble.

07-Mar-1317 The construction of the Basilica in Konstantinoupolis has been completed. Although I belong to a different religion and my soul belongs to Theos I can't do anything less but admire this great temple.

09-Apr-1317 The king of Albania is dead. This was a golden oportunity to regain Epeiros. A land that is our by right. Unfortunattely we waited to long and many happened in the meantime. A new king rose to the throne and Rome was supporting him.
Rome is the house of the holy Pope and we had friendly bonds with them for a very long time. In the name of friendship we steped back. A hard and painfull decision.

23-Apr-1317 My son Angelo Amerighi Katakouzinos was born. The fruit of my love with Gilda was born. It brought joy to our lives and a new meaning.