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Regions Reduction Project
« on: 11 April, 2017, 12:04:14 AM »
               According to the Regions Reduction Project, the Kingdom of Castilla and León , that owns 23 regions, will have 12 at the end of the process. Regents decide which region, what climate/terrain and resource will be kept.

              As Chancellor of the Kingdom  I inform the citizens that the first two regions that have been merged today, 10 April 1317 have been Molina and Soria.

The result is a region called Soria, where we keep a tavern, a market and a watch tower.  The resource chosen has been a forest.
Both regions had a mountainous/hot terrain/climate, so there is no change.

We have lost the pigs farm that there used to be in Soria, and the tavern and market built in Molina.

I would like to remember those who worked in the construction of these structures long ago:

The project of construction for a tavern in Molina was launched by Ferdinando Sforza, Vassal, on 17, Sept, 1312.
The project of construction of the market in Molina was launched by Ferdinando Sforza, Vassal, on 20, Feb. 1313 and was finished on 31,
 March. 1313

11-Apr-1317, 00:49   Gracia Mendoza has given the go-ahead for the project: Barracks and Prisons - Level 1 in: SORIA.
02-Jul-1317, 17:30   Kingdom of Castiglia and Leon completed building: Barracks and Prisons - Level 1 in: SORIA.


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Re: Regions Reduction Project
« Reply #1 on: 28 April, 2017, 08:13:59 PM »
   On 10 April 1317 two independent regions, Algeciras and Cádiz, were merged.

The result was a new region called CÁDIZ, that has not any resource, because the cows farm in Cádiz and the silkfarm in Algeciras were destroyed when the natives regained these two regions.

The terrain/climate is flatland/hot, that allows to get the max. production of linen (9 yarns per crop) and cotton (8 yarns per crop), and a quite good production of wheat/hay (3/7)

There was a tavern in Cádiz, and a market, barracks and a harbor in Algeciras. All of these structures are now in the new region Cádiz, and they are accesible again, because Cádiz has been reconquered today.

28-Apr-1317, 16:01   Kingdom of Castiglia and Leon has conquered the Independent Region: CADIZ; view the [report] of the battle.

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Re: Regions Reduction Project
« Reply #2 on: 17 June, 2017, 02:54:02 AM »
Citizens of Castilla and León,

Everybody should check the properties migration on the dev3 server.

Log into( and check your items in inventory of your properties in different regions, please.

The Kingdom of Castilla and León will have the following regions:


Formed by Asturias de Oviedo + Asturias de Santillana
Terrain/climate  : hills/moderate
Best crop: flowers 10, grape 10, wheat/hay 3/8, mulberry 11, herbs 8
Resource : Cows farm
Structures: Castle, Barracks and prisons, Tavern, Market, Well, Harbor, Building site :Watch tower


Formed by Burgos + Vizcaya
Terrain/climate : mountainous/moderate
Best crop: mulberry/leaf 15/5, flowers 8
Resource : Coal
Structures: Royal Palace, Castle, Court, Barracks and prison, Tavern, Market, Well, Harbor, Academy, Training Grounds,  Watch Tower, Bishop´s Palace, Parish Church.


Formed by Navarra + La Rioja
Terrain/climate : mountainous/cold
Best crop: hop 10
Resource: Iron
Structures Castle, Court, Barracks and prison, Tavern, Market, Well, Watch Tower,  Harbor, Parish Church.


Formed by Zamora + León
Terrain/climate: hills/hot
Best crop: linen 7, cotton 6
Resource: Gold
Structures: Castle, Court, Barracks and prison, Tavern, Market, Well, Watch Tower.


Formed by Valladolid + Salamanca
Terrain/climate: hills/moderate
Resource: Stone
Structures: Tavern, Market


Formed by Soria + Molina
Terrain/climate: mountainous/hot
Resource: Forest
Structures: Barracks and Prison Level 1, Tavern, Market, Watch Tower, Building site Barracks and prison Level 2, Buildind site Court


Formed by Cáceres + Plasencia
Terrain/climate: hills/hot
Resource: Clay
Structures: Tavern, Market


Formed by Toledo + Badajoz
Terrain/climate: hills/hot
Resource: Sand
Structures: Castle, Court, Barracks and Prison, Tavern, Market, Watch Tower bulding site, Cardinal´s Palace, Well


Formed by Aracena + Niebla
Terrain/climate: flatland/hot
Best crop: linen 9, cotton 8, wheat/hay 3/7
Resource: Forest
Structures: market

Aracena development 21-March-1318


Formed by Sevilla + Cádiz
Terrain/climate; flatland/hot
Resource: Clay
Structures: Barracks and prison, Tavern, Market, Harbor

Sevilla development: castle finished 9-May-1318


Formed by Granada + Córdoba
Terrain/climate: hills/hot
Resource: Sheep farm
Structures: Castle, Court,  Barracks and prison, Watch Tower,  Tavern, Market,  Training Grounds, Building site: Academy, Bishop´s Palace, Parish church, Well.


Formed by Almería + Málaga
Terrain/climate: flatland/hot
Resource: Pigs farm
Structures: Tavern , Market, Harbor

Almeria has now a flatland/moderate climate instead of hot, which allows to grow good crops of wheat, grape, etc.


                               climate after merge                                  geography after merge   


                               new fast track nodes

Admins have sent info for Regents about regions names, we should change a few, and this is a task only a regent can do:

1.- the new Zamora region should be called LEÓN
2.- the new Asturias de Oviedo should be called ASTURIAS (in rl Asturias is the region, Oviedo the name of the capital city)
3.- the new region Cáceres should be called EXTREMADURA (Extremadura is the region where there are two provinces in rl: Cáceres and Badajoz)

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